Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Due Date

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Well, we had our 2nd ultra sound today. We moved our due date up from 11/4 to 11/2 (I still think it's October!!!). Baby is doing awesome, my blood work from the last visit came back fine, which is awesome because with Cara, I had to go on progesterone for 6-8 weeks. I've lost 3 pounds in 2.5 weeks. If only that happened normally for me. We go back 4/21 for our 12 week ultra sound and blood work. Prayers are still coveted for a safe and healthy baby!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

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Hello. Sorry it's been awhile. I'm pregnant, aka, not feeling very well or having much energy. Nothing horrible, just overall feeling like ugh. This past week has been awesome because Eric has been home on spring break. We spent some time with family and friends, and Eric spent lots of time working on the yard and building shelves in the garage. He had a lot of fun doing all of that. I mostly chased after Cara and on Friday spent the whole day on the couch because I didn't feel good. Saturday we went to our church's evening Easter service and then out to Texas Roadhouse with Eric's parents. Sunday we slept late, made some Easter crafts with Cara, then headed to my parents house to have lunch with them, Matt, Bailey and their 2 dogs. We hunted some camo eggs too. We also got to see Eric's friend Benny, and his wife Alexis and daughter Avery on our way home Sunday night. Now it's back to normal. And by that, if you haven't sent me your taxes yet, you better GET ON IT!! Hope everyone enjoyed their day to celebrate Christ's resurrection. Love to all!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Announcing Micah Newsome

In case you hadn't figured out my sneaky way of announcing it, we're pregnant!! Here's baby's first picture, we went to the OB yesterday. Based on my dates, I should be due 10/23 (if you base it on my first day of last mentrual cycle), or 10/31 based on my ovulation date, however, based on the ultrasound, we're due 11/4!! We're going back in two weeks to get a better look, and hopefully my date will go back into October! Based on the doctor's calculation, I'm only 6 weeks today (I was working on 8 weeks, or so I thought)! For about 2 weeks after I found out (which was 2/21), nothing felt different. Then last Thursday, the nausea set in, and all this weekend I was up ALL NIGHT couldn't sleep. That changed Sunday night, thank God! We're very excited. We've had the name Micah picked out since Cara was born (it's been the name I've loved since I was about 12), now we just have to wait to pick the middle name. I think we may wait to find out what we're having until the actual birthday! I don't know, I think Eric really wants to know, but we'll see. Anyways, just wanted to put our great news out there. Continued prayers are always coveted for a healthy baby! Love to all.
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