Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy Bee

I've been a busy little bee lately!! Yesterday was my first day with 3 kiddos full time, and it went great, after I got them all down for naps! Today was much smoother...I know how to do it now...Aynslee first, then Micah, then Cara!! Yea for smooth transitions. We have a pretty good schedule already in place, and Aynslee just fits right in. This was this morning during Micah's morning nap. They got tired of playing dress up and doing puzzles with me, and ASKED to sit down and color. Um, SURE!! :)

Anyways, yesterday evening was 50's day at church. Check out my friend Becky's blog to see pics of all our kiddos. We, of course, dressed Micah and Cara up! Cara had her poodle skirt from last year at halloween.
We put Micah in a long sleeved onsie (only white shirt we had) and rolled up the sleeves. And I'm pretty sure he was in some of Cara's old 12 month jeans....but he looked good! Eric said we should have slicked his hair back....but he doesn't have much on top to slick!
We got to church and Cara was so excited to see all the big girls (KSM=Kingsland Student Ministry) in their poodle skirts and dressed up!! We got 50 cent hot dogs, coke floats, moon pies, and we got to play with our friends. In the 'loft' of our church, where the youth usually meets, was the main room and they were doing various things. They had a guy go up there every few songs and teach 50's dance moves (twist, etc). Cara was in AWE. She loved rocking her little hips and trying to do it (yes, in a Baptist church, tee hee!).
I was talking to someone and our music minister came up and asked if he could enter her in the singles (not family) costume contest. I asked her if she wanted to go up on stage, and her answer was YES!! Can I go on stage NOW??? :) So I told him sure.
So after the next song, they called them up there. There were 4 great costumes up there (and tons more in the audience!!). Cara was so funny. He went and asked everyone their name. When he got to her, he asked her, she said Cara. He asked her again, she said Cara, then he went to ask her again and she pushed the mic away :). He said, "I guess i have bad breath" haha. Anyways, they did the audience applause to see who won. The first round, everyone sounded the same. Cara was so cute clapping for everyone, she probably had NO clue what was going on. He went through everyone a second time, faster, and this is what happened: (notice her snap to attention when they called her name).

She was so cute. I said, she probably won because she was the youngest. Others told me it was the curls :). Here she is with her prize, a gift card to 59 diner!!

After that we let her run around with all her friends. I got a couple of cute pictures of Jack with Cara and Micah. I love this first one, we couldn't get them to look at the camera!!

Finally they complied, kinda :)
After awhile, Micah was getting sleepy (and since Cara didn't have a great nap, she was getting a little cranky), and they were wrapping it up with my pastor and his wife doing a slow dance. They asked everyone to join in, and Cara grabbed my leg and started swaying!! :) It was so cute. I called Daddy over, so she did the same with him and I was able to grab a pic. It is so fun now that she's a little older to take her to church functions and have her participate! We have signed her up for 3 year old WAM (worship and arts ministry) and church on Wednesday nights, and I'm looking forward to directing it! She loves anything and everything that is music/movement/dance related!!
After church we came home, got the kids in bed, and I headed off to my hot date ;)...haha. Mindy and I made a date to sew last night after kids were in bed. I know how crazy my schedule is getting, and her hubby is working nights, so we needed a little break. We stayed up way to late, but I finished my first ever quilt! Yes, it's a baby doll quilt, but it was so much fun, and it gave me practice doing all the basics of quilting. I didn't stipple, just stitch-in-the-ditch, but I still think it turned out super cute!! I can post pictures because I came right home last night and washed it, and took it over to it's new owner, Little Miss Caroline earlier. I'm so proud!!
Now Bailey has to come finish hers. I'm working on some more nursing covers now. And by now, I mean, that's next on my list, right before I finish Amanda's birthday curtain!! :)


Tiffany said...

You are directing WAM? I cannot wait for Austin to start!

Are there enough leaders now? Our class starts at 6:15 so we would not be able to help out... not to mention I am not at all gifted, but I am praying one or both of the boys is!

The Happy Housewife said...

Wow, the kids look so cute all dressed up! Congratulations on the big win!

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