Thursday, March 16, 2006


I finally unloaded some of our recent digital pics onto our computer. Here they are with some updates. To the left is Eric and I at our church on the 2/12, the day he got baptized. That little heated pond behind us is where he was dunked. My family and his family came up for the day and we had lunch at our house afterwards. To the right is Eric, David Jackson and Damon Archer. Damon's HS band (7 Lake in Katy) put on a concert in February, and David came down to play 2 accompanied solos at the concert. We had a good talk after his performance and Eric went out to eat with David, and Steve Peterson and Mike Brown, fellow trombone players from UM that are down in Houston now. Damon is our orchestra director at church too, he's a great guy!

This is Eric and I at the Great Caruso, a cute little dinner theater in Houston. March 4th was his Uncle Lawrence (Sparky)'s 50th birthday, so all the family met there for a matinee showing of Doo Wop 2. It was fun and a really neat place to visit.

Here are pictures of us painting our nursery. My mom came up and did most of the painting, and Eric worked hard on the chair rail. It turned out great looking. We have the changing table in it now and it looks great against the green. We can't wait for baby girl Newsome to join us!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Slow Update....again

Hi again! Sorry it's been awhile. I think about updating this all the time, then don't get around to it. Today I am 25 weeks....15 to go (or less hopefully!!) :) My last dr. appointment was 3/2, when I was 23 weeks, 1 day. I had gained 2 pounds so far. Baby girl Newsome's heartrate was a healthy 142. I was 26 cm (that measurement thing the dr. does, not dilated!!! haha). I go back on 4/4 to do the nasty sugar drink and blood tests. Since the surgery, it has been a pretty pleasant pregnancy. I was never sick during the 1st trimester (physically sick). Things would smell bad, and I didn't want to go out to eat, but I never got sick. At about 20 weeks I started feeling the baby kick, and she hasn't stopped since! Eric and I sit and watch her at night, it's entertaining (or we're just boring!).

Update about the tier 2 ultrasound we did, we got there and sure enough, the doctors office had sent in the blood work with the wrong due date, so were worried for a month for nothing. They said they sent it in with the right due date and we had no increased chance for a baby with down syndrome, so that's a blessing. We still got to do the ultrasound, which was about 35 minutes of just watching our baby move around (and be wound up in a ball so we kept having to move her to get some measurements). We LOVE ultrasounds, but now since everything's been going so good, I don't know if we'll get another one. My March 2nd appt was my first ever appointment without an ultrasound, and it was kinda sad because I like watching her move around (and it's even better without a large tumor to look at!). Oh yeah, the 10cm cyst turned out to be a benign tumor. The name of it has 3 long words (not a fybroid, something else). The doctor said they are never cancerous, but have a 10% chance of coming back on either ovary, so I'll probably have an ultrasound at every yearly exam from now on to make sure it doesn't.

Last week was Eric's spring break. We started out last Sunday/Monday by painting the baby's room. It has a pale green on top and one shade darker green on bottom, with a chairrail in the middle. It looks awesome; I will have to post pictures soon. My mom, being surrounded by teachers, has brought up 3 boxes of clothes (mostly 0-6 months, I don't think we'll need any more of those!) from friends at work. We ended up going and buying our changing table so that we had a place to put them all, and it's full already. If you add the few things we've bought and what the Newsome's have bought, the closet is almost full too! We are so excited for this little girl. On the one hand, I can't believe how fast it has gone so far, but on the other hand, I can't believe I still have 3 months to go!!!

We've been to the rodeo twice so far this year. Once to see George Strait and once for my committee final party--I volunteered on the Carnival Ticket Sales Committee this year, and had a blast. I sold so many tickets I got my gold badge and a big 'ol Texas size belt buckle! We had a great time walking around looking at all the vendors and animals. Eric and I got new cowboy boots, they are too cute :) We also found a great vendor that sells collegiate kids wear, and now Baylor is even letting them sell. The website (for Jen Barnes) is We bought the little onsie, and then my mom came up Sunday for lunch and she had gotten us the overalls and socks and bib and blanket. They are all too cute.

Keep in touch, we enjoy reading everyone else's blogs!
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