You can now shop our beads and t-shirts at our new Store Envy Store:

We have a limited amount left, so we'd love your help in cleaning out the store!  See below for original information :)

We'd love for you to help support our Ugandan adoption and subsequent trips we will need to make every 5 years (as part of our agreement with the Ugandan government) by purchasing these authentic paper bead bracelets and necklaces made in Uganda!  These paper beads are rolled by hand and then given three coats of shellac and paint.  I purchased these there from the women near Kabalagala, a 'suburb' of Kampala while there in July 2012 on a mission trip with my friend Tonya and her non-profit, Kirabo Seeds.

They are part of our fundraising efforts, they are $5/bracelet (including shipping).  The necklaces are below.   Thank you so much for helping us raise funds to bring our little man home!  Sorry, all paper-bead bracelets are SOLD OUT!  We have a few others listed in our store.

As far as necklaces go, I have a lot of single colored strands as well as a few multi-colored strands.  Some are singles, some can be doubled around your neck.  We have the following colors: sea foam green, gray-green, dark green, blue, black, one long chunky multi colored, and some small multi colored.  We have a few of each color, some as few as 1.

Sea Foam Green  SOLD OUT

Gray/Green -- One Left

 Dark Green  -- One Left
 Short Medium Chunky Multi-Colored -- Three Left

This is the length of the solid colors as well as the  Short Medium Chunky Multi-Colored:

 Longer small bead multi-colored  SOLD OUT

Longer large bead multi-colored -  only one left
 This is the length of the longer multi-colored ones.

 If you don't live in the Katy area, can you please add the $3.00 shipping as well for 1-5 pieces and 2 shipping ($4 for 5-10 pieces)?  Thank you!


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