Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Potty Training Day 2

Well, day 2 is over. And it was 100% better than day 1. Instead of 12 accidents before nap, we just had 1 really. And this afternoon she sat and peed twice on the potty!! I'm very excited. We'll see how tonight goes.

In other news, we got the voucher for my 11 year old car from Houston Galveston Air Council. It's a program where they give you a $3,000 voucher towards the purchase of your next car for turning in your old car. They are trying to get bad emissions off the road. Since that's almost what we paid for it, AND it's broke and to repair it would cost $2,000, we are pumped. We start shopping for a used minivan hopefully tomorrow. Keep in touch!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Potty Training morning 1

Well, thank goodness she's sleeping. It has been a busy morning (you can ask the 12 pairs of underwear we went through)! I'm about to go veg on the couch until she either wakes up, or wakes up wet. She tells me when it's happening, but hasn't quite caught on to the run to the toilet part. We're working on it though, and she's been a great sport. I can also say I've been more patient than I thought possible :)

I also had an OB appointment yesterday. I got to hear the heartbeat (154--high--another girl??) and they took all my vitals. Still have lost about 5 pounds. I am feeling AMAZINGLY better. What a difference a week makes. Next appt is Tuesday 5/20.

My friend Sarah Wilson and I got back Sunday from the Juice Plus convention in Phoenix, AZ. We were there Thursday - Sunday. It was the longest I've ever been away from Cara. My mom took off and watcher her Thursday and Friday, and then Eric had her the rest of the weekend. My in-laws watcher her Saturday morning because he had to go to the top band's UIL.

It was an amazing conference, and I learned TONS more about the research behind Juice Plus, how it was made, how it affects (prevention) our bodies, and now I'm even more excited about it. Plus, this pregnancy has been 100% different than the last. I wasn't low on progesterone, I wasn't as sick, I haven't had headaches/migraines (I had them for 30 weeks with Cara). It's awesome. So, if I mailed you a CD and I haven't heard back from you, expect me to call! I'd really like to hear what you think.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Girl Bed

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We are back from Corpus for Eric's band trip. It was fun, but it went by too fast! Now we are on to 'phase 1' of getting Cara in a big girl bed, so that we can start potty training in the next few weeks. She went right to sleep, I hope that continues!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I just got my email for the week, and the little cartoon at the bottom put my first trimester into words:
"I can finally eat anything I want, and I don't feel like eating anything at all."

Monday, April 07, 2008

My how time flies!

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This was taken when Cara was 20 days old. Now, tonight we are going to her 3rd annual Astros home opener (our 4th). Her first was in utero, but it still counts. We hope the Astros beat those Cardinals tonight!!
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