Sunday, September 25, 2005

We're back!

Sorry I didn't really keep this updated throughout the hurricane. First of all, Thank you God for missing most of the houston area. Our prayers will be with those east of us who are going to have to rebuild their homes and their lives. We ended up driving up to Georgetown around 5:45 Wednesday night (they closed Eric's school and ConocoPhillips offices for Thurs/Friday) and got there around 10 pm. We went back roads mostly and so we missed most of the traffic.

Thursday we went around getting new tires on my car. Jesus blessed us again by not letting my front tires blow out on the drive up! They were totally worn out, I'm glad I had them checked. Eric also got his oil changed. Friday we spent the day with my grandparents, rented movies and mostly hung around at home. They really enjoy the company now that Michael is gone. They are still taking it pretty bad I think, as we all are. Friday we went to bed praying Rita would keep going East.

Saturday we woke up to my mom saying "i think we're going home today," so we packed, ate a yummy breakfast pawpaw made, and were on our way by 10. We got home around 2:20. We also took the back roads coming home. Now, we don't have work Monday or Tuesday. We spent all yesterday afternoon cleaning and putting the house back in order (bringing everything downstairs we too up before the storm) and so now we have a clean, safe house. We went to an impromptu church service this morning and it was great. Now we came home, ate lunch, and have been flipping between NASCAR and NFL all day. It doesn't seem fair that we have missed the big storm twice, but as my pastor said today, God blesses us so that we will be blessings to others.

Jen/Dave--we got your voicemail yesterday, neither of our phones worked well at all this week with the storm. It was the first time Eric could check his voicemail since Tuesday. We thought about how close we were to you, sorry we didn't make it down!

Everyone else--please disregard any crude comment spam I get. I'm not a programmer, and i don't know how to make it stop, I usually turn the comments off. Sorry!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hurricane Rita

All of my family and friends that I have talked to have an evacuation plan and a place to go. Eric and my plan is to leave Friday after work (if it's not shut down before then) and head to Georgetown to my grandparents house. My mom and sister are heading up there tomorrow morning, and Darrell is heading up Thursday night. Our cells have already started having problems, and since we don't have a home phone, here are numbers just in case:
Me 2817958417
eric 2817958416
We will be at 512-896-5771 thursday until sunday hoping the storm doesn't damage our house. We will keep you posted as to what we know.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Baylor is STILL undefeated

Go Bears! It's still exciting even if we only beat Samford. However, my logic is that we beat SMU last week. SMU beat TCU this week, and TCU beat OU last week. We'll see how we do against OU later in the season! :) My friends at work think I'm crazy!

Last weekend was busy! Friday night I rode the bus with the band to the Pearland game. Mom, Bailey and Matt, Trayce and Julianne came up to see us and watch Eric's band march. I also saw Jenny Davenport, a friend from high school there. She's the assistant drill team director for the Pearland Prancers. We got home really late and fell into bed. Eric had to get up at the crack of dawn to go back to the school. His band went to U of H for a marching clinic all day.

I got up and went with Adrienne to her dad's office. We are starting to do the bookkeeping. We did that for awhile, then went to Memorial City mall and spent my gift card I had there. Then, we came home and Eric and I got ready for Saturday night.

(Here is Deanna, Adrienne, Jan and Kimberly). Deanna and Chad Nesvadba picked us up and we headed to Kemah. Our work, ConocoPhillips, gave the group I worked in a dinner/dance cruise. We checked into South Shore Harbor Resort and headed to the boat. It was such a nice time! We had a nice Prime Rib and stuffed shrimp dinner with door prizes, then we went upstairs with the DJ and danced the night away.

Sunday we woke up late, went and had Gringo's with Deanna and Chad, and headed home. We hung around the house all day cleaning and watching football on and off.

My community Bunko group is starting next week, I am the first hostess, hopefully it'll be a lot of fun. My flute broke last week at church band practice, but one of Eric's flute players is letting me borrow her flute for practice. We are working the 12 am - 8 am shift at the red cross shelter set up at our church (the band). I am going to work this week and am taking Friday off since I have a dr. appt anyway. Pray for all of the people still living there. They need our prayers!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Baylor is Undefeated!!

That's what people were yelling as we left the BU vs. SMU football game where Baylor won 28-23. We had a great time in Dallas this weekend. We pretty much vegged out at the Wood's all day Saturday, and then went to the game. Sunday morning Shannon and Nathan spent the night, and we all woke up and drove to Canton at like 7 am. We shopped and shopped until we split up and noon and drove back home to Houston. I got some cute stuff for the house. Sunday night the puppies were happy to see us!

Monday Eric and I went to see the 40 yeard old virgin, it was quite vulgar, but pretty funny, as the stupid funny movies go (anchorman, dodgeball, wedding crashers). Then, we went to the Newsome's and watched Monster-in-Law, also funny. We headed home and Eric mowed the front yard and I vacuumed all of downstairs and cleaned the kitchen. Amanda came over and we watched some gilmore girls. All in all it was a pretty relaxing weekend, which we all needed!
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