Monday, October 30, 2006

New pictures and video

I have posted new pictures to my flickr site. Also, here is a video of some of the sounds Cara has been making. She is a BIG talker, so she's definitely MINE! :) She still hasn't rolled over since that first day, but she gets so close! Anyway, enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bailey Marie Walkup....or BMW for short!

Well, the wedding has come and gone and it was gorgeous. I've uploaded the pictures to flickr so be sure to go check them out. Although, I didn't get one of Eric, Cara and I!!! Oh well, I think the photographer did. It was a long but fun weekend filled with tons of family and running around for Bailey. Yesterday we had Cara's 4 month pictures taken in her dress she wore to the wedding, they turned out cute. I'm at work today, then tomorrow Cara and I are going to go to Aunt Bailey's house to straighten up. On Sunday when the whole family was unloading everything, it all just got dumped around the house, so I figure, with my OCD sister she'll have a cow when she gets back from Paris and her house is a mess. Anyway, there's the update of the weekend, I'll post more later!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rolling over

She finally did it. From her belly to her back, yesterday afternoon. Although she only did it once, so it'll probably be awhile before she does it again. If you haven't watched the below video, understand that you'll probably hear me and my mom laughing more than Cara ;) And Riley growling because he thinks we're hurting her. She has NEVER laughed like that before, and we couldn't get her to do it again! Hopefully it'll start coming more often. Bailey's wedding is 5 days away, so we're in the home stretch. Please pray that she gets through this week, for all of us :) Today is my big deadline at are due, people are pissed, the IRS gets money, woo hoo :(

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Trial Video

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Here is her chuckling, if anyone knows how to make it turn, let me know!!

4 month check up etc


Cara wasn't due for her 4 month visit until next Friday, but she had a little cold so we went in on Thursday. Here are the stats:

15 pounds, 10 ounces (90%) - exactly twice her birth weight
Height: 25 inches (90%)
Head: 16 inches

Of course, the cold went away by the time she was at the doctor....I think she has just inherited my allergies. I have more news, but will post more later. Also, I have the cutest video from our digital camera of her laughing, although it's sideways. Shannon/Jen Barnes--I uploaded it through dropshots, but how do I get it on my blog??? :)
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