Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Church band

I have decided that I do not play my flute enough (ok, ever since Jamie/Curtis' wedding in December 2000), so I joined the church band. Tonight is our second rehearsal, and I actually look forward to them; they're pretty fun and the people are great! We are playing a big Christmas musical this year, and Avalon is coming to play at the church December 1/2nd, so it should be exciting.

In other news, Eric's first football game is tomorrow night. It is a home game at Tully stadium (right down the road from my office), so we will be doing that tomorrow. Then Friday is my friend Daniel Lisk's 30th birthday party, which will be an event to remember!

Saturday Eric and I are driving up to Dallas to visit with friends and watch the BU vs. SMU game that night. We are staying with Justin and Ashley and will get to see Shannon and Nathan, and hopefully everyone else that makes it to the game.

Please keep everyone in coastal Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi in your prayers as they are getting over the terror of Katrina. Our neighbors have their family members from New Orleans staying with them. 8 people in a 4 bedroom house. A co-worker is housing 4 families (14 people, ages 4-70). Please donate donate donate to the red cross if you have the funds, they are providing the housing and food that people need.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Weekend News 2

We had a fast weekend. Friday night we went down to Santa Fe to have dinner with everyone for Mom and Darrell's birthdays. Bailey and Matt, Shawna and Chris, Kristal and Tommy, Hailey and Chris, and Darrell's sister Carol were all there. We had a great dinner at Gus', and then headed home to mom's house to hang out. After, we went by the Adams' house to visit for a while. We made the mistake of trying to go home I-45, which was closed down, so it took us over 1.5 hours to get home (well, Eric since I slept). We got to bed after 12:30.

We woke up a little early for a Saturday and had to get ready to drive to Splendora with Eric's family for his uncle Tom's surprise 40th birthday party. We had a great time seeing everyone and eating cake and ice cream. We came home, took a nap, and hung out with the Newsome's until it was time to take Greg out to Chili's for his birthday. Thanks for the birthday dinner Mike and Clara!

Sunday we went to sunday school and then help watch the 4 year olds during church because they needed a sub. That was a lot of fun, that age is really cute. Then we headed home. I had a Southern Living party at 3 at a friend from work, Jackie Raabe's house. We had fun, and met some new people, and then I stayed around her house talking until almost 7! :) Now I'm back home not cooking dinner for Eric because I snacked at Jackie's! The weekends are going too fast. Next Saturday we are driving to Dallas to go to the BU vs. SMU game. Baylor has a chance of winning!! :)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Greg

Today is Eric's brother Greg's 20th birthday. Hope you have a great day brother!
Love, Misty & Eric

Friday, August 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's 47th birthday! We love you mom, see you tonight. We hope you have a great Friday!!
Love, Misty & Eric

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Darrell

My step-dad turns 48 today....he's getting up there, pushing 50! I hope you have a great day!

Love, Misty & Eric

Monday, August 15, 2005


Well, Time goes by. Last week was one of the hardest I've ever been through. I tried to be strong for my mom, my uncles/aunts and my grandparents. It was also the first funeral for a few of my cousins, so they were taking it really hard. It is really sad that I have buried 4 friends (from Baylor/Santa Fe) by the time I was 25. I know God only gives you what you can handle, but sometimes you just want to ask why me?

Please keep my Uncle Gerry, Aunt Patti, Julie and Doug (Michael's sister and her husband) and my grandparents in your prayers. They are a very close family and Michael will be missed for years to come. It was nice to be able to share funny stories about him. I am so thankful that our extended family is so close.

This weekend flew by. Eric had a region meeting in the morning (I mowed the yards while he was there!), and then"meet the mustangs" night Saturday night. I went up to the school with him for that, and we ended up staying until 10 talking to the head director. Sunday we went to Sunday School and Church, and went out to eat with our SS class. We had a lazy Sunday, but it was fun to sit around.

Monday, August 08, 2005

In Loving Memory

I just found out my cousin was killed this morning in a car accident near Giddings, TX. His name is Michael Gamble, from Salado, TX. He did his undergrad in Civil Engineering at Texas A&M, and was working on his Masters degree. I have little details, but our family is heading up there this evening. Please keep us all in your prayers, including his mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Weekly News

Sorry for not posting lately. I had a busy week at work, as did Eric. He had summer band all day Monday-Wednesday, and then inservice Thursday and Friday. Friday night I had the ConocoPhillips summer intern farewell event. I was a 'mentor' this summer, and I had a great time. Then, after that, Eric, Adrienne, her sister, Ali and her brother Dominic went to eat at Jalapenos, and then met some friends at Downing Street. It was fun, but we were sleepy party poopers! :)

Satuday was a day of running around, trying to catch some sales at the mall. We did go by and see the Newsome's for a little bit in the morning. Then, we headed over to one of the band parents houses at about 5:30 for the band pool party. We hadn't planned on staying the whole time, but we had a lot of fun talking with some of the parents and David (the head director). The house was amazing! It had a third floor that was the theater room (I should have never let Eric see that!). It had secret passageways and it was just gorgeous. The parents were really nice and we had a great time.

Sunday started off with us visiting the New Grounds sunday school class at Kingsland Baptist Church again. We met some great new people and also found out a couple in the class is pregnant. We spent the rest of the day FINALLY finishing up the back yard landscaping that we started the weekend of 4th of July! I'll take pics tomorrow and post some. Hope everyone is doing well!
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