Garage Sale

UPDATE May 2014!

We are planning another garage sale this summer, July 2014 (barring we won't be in Uganda). We will begin collecting items in mid-June (after VBS!).  If you want to donate items, please let us know, we will come pick up and store.  We are looking at July 11-12, 2014 to hold the garage sale.  We will need help setting up, help haggling and lots of tables! :)

UPDATE!!  August 2011

We held our sale today, and we MUST thank all of our amazing friends and family that came to help!  Everyone baked cupcakes, helped me sort items, came over at 6 on a Saturday to help pull items out and finish organizing, helped haggle, helped clean up, helped, helped helped!  It's so nice to somewhat have our house back.  Here are a few pictures of our garage/house from the past few days leading up to the sale (which is my why I'm so happy my mom kept the big 2!).

sorting clothes in my dining room
 yep, that's my living room!
 other side of the living room
I promise I'm not a hoarder!! :)

Here are some pictures of the sale day:
 our vistraprint banner :)
 all the baby items
 look at all the shoppers!
 more items

So are you ready for the final totals???? :)

Our cupcake kids (which, it was WAY hot for our little ones, so though they did great and helped, they also spent some time indoors) earned: $62.18!  We'll be sending that to organization!

And, after sales on craigslist, the best hagglers in the world, the best donations, and a few shirt and bead necklace sales our grand total is...........................................................


Praise Jesus!  So thankful and blessed!  We kept a few things still on craigslist that people have emailed us about, but the rest we are giving to other friends of ours who are going to hold a similar sale and are adopting a special needs baby!  So be watching the Churchill's blog in the next few weeks!  
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