Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cara is SEVEN!

I know I'm not the only mom who reflects back every time a birthday rolls around.  I've done it year after year after year after year and year and year for our Cara girl.  I love each of my children seriously deeply, but there is something about that first born.  The one that made me a mom.  Thinking back to before we were married and no kids, sometimes it's hard to remember, but, all of our 'kid' memories include her!  She is currently tucked away in the playroom on a large pallet of blankets and sleeping bags with Aynslee, our neighbor and one of Cara's best friends, for her first 'sleepover.'  We had a full day, so I thought I'd let the pictures tell the story.

Birthday donuts for breakfast
 Her gift from us.
Eric & I each wrote her a short blessing, I'd love to do this every birthday for each of our children.
 Crazy girl, ready for VBS day 4!
 Changed (into her dress we got her for her a consignment sale) and ready to head to the American Girl store.  We had decided that she could get the doll for her birthday, she has been planning awhile! :)

 So excited!
Looking at all the beautiful dresses and costumes on the different dolls! 
 She LOVES anything to do with horses.
 This is the original one she had planned to get (she picked out of the catalogue), but then we talked and she thought she wanted to get one with long hair so she had more hair to braid/do.
 Ready to check out!
 "Pose silly Cara"
 Mom & baby
 Dad & baby
 Driving home, let's open it up!
 Introducing Julia Rachel Newsome.
 She had picked Olive Garden for dinner with Nana, Uncle Greg and Amanda.
 Nana gave her a matching dress for her and her doll to wear on Monday.  Her party is for 3 little girls and her to go to the bistro at the AG store and have lunch with their dolls.
 Birthday cake at home.  She basically designed this and helped me make it.  She is so fun in the kitchen, and thinks everything is so awesome or cool (even when I think it's a flop) :)
Tie-Dye rainbow cake. 

So there's our day in a nutshell.  

Cara Leigh,
Daddy & I are beyond blessed to be picked for parenting you.  Most days you make it an easy, joyful experience.  Your love for others, and your ability to let the Holy Spirit work through you and encourage others is a joy to watch.  Jesus has big things planned for your life and we are so excited to enjoy your journey unfold.  Thank you for leading your little brother and sister well, for loving others well, and for your gift of gifting.  You bless us with your sweetness!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Possible Skull Fracture??

We had our first real injury in the Newsome house last week.  We've had lung issues, but that is to be expected because, well, they came from me :).  

Last Friday night we were having our missional community group at a friend's house.  They are empty nesters with a pool, beautiful pond, chickens, dogs, READ: a field day for my kiddos.  My kids loves animals and room to run, so they were having blast.  These sweet friends invited our group over including my kids and the other family brave enough to bring their kids, and we had a great time.  We had pizza, the kids got in the wading part of the pool with their clothes on, all fun. All of the adults sat down to plan out our summer meeting times, and so the kids were playing and we all took turns watching.  After a few minutes, I thought I heard something, so I headed outside.  

I was met by Micah crying and screaming at me and I couldn't understand him.  I tried to calm everyone down and that's when I saw their sweet, large wooden bench swing frame lying on the ground.  Cara was holding her forehead and crying so I asked her to move her hand and then I almost vomited.   Have I mentioned I don't do well with injuries? :)  I said let's go inside and get some ice asap!  We calmed everyone down (including me) and got her iced up.  The homeowner's apologized profusely, we said it was most definitely not their fault, and we observed her for the next little bit while the continued talking about dates.  Their son is a doctor so he was sending his mom signs of concussion.  I had also text my go-to friends and they were texting me.  She had no vomiting, no lost consciousness, her  pupils were reacting to light the proper way.  After an hour and a half, it was time to head home.  All signs led to no concussion, so after a few hours, we all went to bed.  The bump had gone down a lot with ice:

As we were going to bed that night we tried to get the story out of them again.  Cara was pushing Micah and another little friend on the swing when the whole thing came falling backwards.  We still aren't sure if the frame hit her head, or if the swing swung back and hit her.  

This was what we woke up to Saturday morning.  My mom came up to babysit because Eric and I were going to go to an Advocare meeting.  I got a little nervous when I saw how much it had swelled.  I knew it was supposed to, but my mom was definitely worried and wanted us to go to the ER.  I text my friend whose son is a doctor to get his opinion, and he said mom's gut was probably best, but he'd get it checked out, so off to the ER we went. 

Mom kept M & A so Eric and I could take her to Texas Children's.  We got seen pretty fast (9:30 am on a Saturday is a good time) and waited for the doctor.  He said that since it had been 14+ hours since the incident, the swelling was normal.  We could do an X-ray but the risk of radiation he thought was bigger than the benefit.  All it could show is a possible skull fracture (insert Eric and I exchanged glances like WHAT!!!!).  If it did, they'd then order a catscan, but even with the Catscan, there's not much you can do with a skull fracture.  He also mentioned she might have a slight brain bleed, but didn't think this was much of a possibility.  He said if it was there, they'd only keep her and observe her for 24 hours, but we could do that at home.  He kept asking me what I thought, and I always defaulted to, you are the doctor, you tell me what to do and we'll do it.  So, in the end, we got sent home.  No jumping head first into the pool.  No re-injury to the head.  Ice for 20 minutes every 3-4 hours, ibuprofen if needed.  I have a friend who has what we tease as 'dirty hippy oils' so she's given me a few to rub on Cara's head a few times a day.  We have VBS this week at church and so she gets to sit with me instead of going outside to Rec.  It's already gone down so much and she has never even complained about it!  She only said "oh no, I'll have it on my birthday!" :).  That's my girly girl for you.  

So we've been emailing pics and updates to our pediatrician (love that!) and she said because of her age and how well she is responding she could swim tonight no problem, as long as she didn't jump in.  So, Cara started in the water and got 2 place with her freestyle relay team (heat 1), 3rd place in her 25 m freestyle (heat 1) and first place in her 25 m backstroke (heat 2).  She could not believe she got a blue ribbon, so I didn't have the heart to tell her it's because she's usually in the first heat, but was in second this time! :)  

So there's the head injury saga in all it's glory.  I cannot believe this precious thing will be 7 on Thursday!!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Father's Day Early And Cara's Gifting Style

Darrell is going to be visiting his dad in Mississippi on Father's day, so we decided to all celebrate him together on Tuesday of this week.  Bailey, Matt, Jack, Shawna and Bryan (and Bryan's son Hunter even got to stop by) and us Newsomes all got to come down and hang.  We ate yummy food, and the kids gave their gift.  Cara is a mini-Bailey.  My sister's love language is gifts (not sure if you knew this about yourself Bailey) :).  She is great at putting a lot of thought into things and finding THE PERFECT gift for someone.  She listens well and remembers things people say they want/need.  She thoroughly enjoys making things for people.  You typically show love to others in your preferred love language, so hers was pretty easy to figure out.  [ A person whose love language is gifts doesn't mean that they necessarily just love being gifted with extravagant gifts, it truly is the thought that counts. ]  

Anyways, I have been watching Cara's personality and LOVE for crafting emerge these last few months and it hit me a few weeks ago that she is so similar to my sister.  Once I mentioned it to a friend of mine, we were like, why didn't we see it before.  Now it is so obvious :), which helps me know how to love her better.  

When she starts a gift, it is ALL SHE CAN DO for weeks.  She spends every free time minute she has sitting at a little table getting glitter and glue and little cut up pieces of paper everywhere: and this couldn't make her happier!  She spent a good 3 weeks on my Mother's Day pop up book that she made.  I will always hold it dear to my heart because I watched her be oh so secretive and focused on completing it.  

But the most precious part of this little girl is the gift giving event.  She has to know the person's favorite color.  This is how our conversation went about Papa's gift:

C: I need to call Papa and ask him his favorite color.
M: I'm sure he'll love anything you make him baby.
C: Then I'll do rainbow.
M: Oh, well, how about you do camo, it's like rainbow but with browns, greens and black :)
C: YES, that's great! 

So she went back to her table and began making her typical things she includes in the gift bag (also with pictures of Eric's birthday gift from her today): 

Colored 'tissue paper' in your favorite color (i.e. 3 blank sheets of paper colored and then folded to use as tissue paper.)

 A personalized page with your name, in your favorite color, with a cute note on the back.  (notice the camo).  Typically, this is in do-a-dot, but she forego that for Papa's.

Paper cut into a heart, telling you that Jesus (or God) loves you.

Candy from the stash (it may or may not be from Christmas--so I tell the receiver they may or may not want to eat it)
New candy, the receiver's favorite, because mom feels silly for giving old candy.

A small book, she made out of paper and stapled in the middle.

Papa's had pictures she drew of all the animals she imagined he hunts.  The first page was a gun, then bear, wolf, deer, and the list went on.  

My little Cara, who is having a birthday next week, is just too precious for words.  She gets so excited to give her gift (per my parents, just like I did) that she tells you half of what you're getting before you 
can open it :).  

And she wants everyone in on the event.  She loves Micah and Anna to be just as excited to give her gift.  

 Cara, my baby, are one of our most precious gifts!

 Papa and 3/4 of his TROUBLE! :)
 The other 1/4!
 Jack loves Uncle Eric because he tickles much nicer than Aunt Misty.  We had a great time hanging out with everyone! 

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Happy 34th Birthday Eric!

I still can't believe sometimes that God blessed me with this man.  We've grown and changed so much since we met 15 years ago, but it still seems like we are two young college kids just trying to figure things out.  

Happy Birthday Eric!
Jack LOVES Uncle Eric.  Sometimes Anna gets jealous :)

Last concert, May 2013

Rodeo Houston March 2013

Add caption

We are thankful that you love Jesus, love your family, and are passionate about what you want to learn, grow and do.  Hope you enjoy your day today!   :)

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