Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Four Year Shots

Just for my memory:

Back in June of 2010, Cara got her 4 year shots.  She cried, she limped for a week, she had massive red circles and was so tender for over a week.  This is what I expected from Micah.

Micah did amazing with the finger prick, didn't even flinch.  It probably helps that he gets allergy shots each week for his fire ant allergy.  Then, came the TB test and shots.  The TB test being first was awful, he twisted and kicked, tried to get away, then he had to get 2 shots, one in each leg.  To say he got a little hysterical is an understatement.  But, then it was over.  I took him to Chick-fil-a for ice cream (his choice), then we picked the girls up from a friend and it was done.  He seemed a little sore the next day, but no bumps, no swelling, no limping.

 This was a week ago.  And today he shows up with 101.2 temp.  I've been praying we don't get the flu this year, as it seems most people I know here in Katy have it.  Each Sunday before church I think, "please, not this week."  So, I'm wondering if it's a late reaction?  If not, pray it's a quick virus.  My mom is getting the kids this Thursday, and I hate for her to have to deal with a sick kid.  Though I love it.  He's so calm, cuddly, loveable.  I just don't want to get it! :)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

July 2012

The first 2 days of July we spent still in Mason, TX.  Then, I had 2 days to finish packing for Uganda.  I did lots of hugging and loving on Eric and the kids.  I was really going to miss them.  
 I traveled there alone, my team left 6/27 and I didn't want to be away from the kids and Eric that long.  So, I rode an over night plane to London, and slept about 30 minutes.  I had big plans to travel to the palace and see some sights.  The first few hours I did just that....
 It was so easy to take the 'tube' and get around there.  
 It was a gorgeous day in London.  
 I walked around the parks, saw some monuments and memorials.  

 I got to Buckingham Palace.  The whole city was getting ready for the Olympics and so some things were blocked off.
 The Hat! :)
Had to do one self portrait with the palace.
 St. James Park.
 About this time, I got tired, and realized I hadn't eaten lunch OR slept in about 36 hours, so I found a yummy place to eat and then headed back to the airport.  I set my alarms and found a comfy corner and took a nap.  Got on the plane, and landed in Uganda on Friday morning at 7:45.  You've read the rest I'm sure.  

 I did get to meet Muzei (in the middle), the boy we've been sponsoring for 2 years.  This is his jjajja (grandma) and brother.  He was so sweet!
After I got home, we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Lupe Tortilla, I had lots of jetlag, we celebrated my birthday and our 11th anniversary.  (Donuts with chopsticks on my birthday)

After we got back from a weekend in Dallas, 
we took down the 4th rail on Anna's crib, and she transitioned like a big girl, at 23 months.  
 I also made her a nap mat for preschool.  She thought it was cute, but then didn't want her picture taken :).

 This is a picture of Gweny and Riley at my neighbors house.  She watched them one day for us, they had fun with Ike!

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

June 2012 in Pictures

We had a busy June last year!  For Amanda's graduation gift, she wanted to go the Country Music festival in Nashville, TN.  What a trip it was! 
We took our van and fit our kids, Clara, Amanda, Eric and I.  We left around 4:30 one morning and the kids weren't tired at all.  Go figure.  
It was a L.O.N.G. trip!  We had lots of stops, and it took almost 17 hours.  Too long.  We were ready to go the next day! 
We headed to downtown Nashville to look around and enjoy the sights. 
 We had lots of breakfasts and lunches in the hotel.  The kids loved getting to watch Mickey or something while they ate, and sit on a bed!  :)
 The second day we were there, our van was messing up!  We had to drop it off and get a new radiator or cap or something.  Thank God we got to the place mid-morning on Friday, and they were able to fix it same day.  The 1987 Honda station wagon they gave us didn't fit all 7 of us.  The car place was around the corner from Vanderbilt and this cool dragon park, so we walked there after a yummy breakfast at Noshville.  
 It was probably the kids favorite thing we did the whole time :).
 Amanda and Clara
 Naked baby in the hotel
 We all took turns going to the shows each night.  This was the second night of shows, girls night (Anna didn't go) :).
 Downtown Nashville.
 This was our view each night.  It was really fun!!  6-12 people/groups performing each night.
 On day 3 we went to the celebrity softball tournament.  It was funny and EXTREMELY HOT!
 Amanda stayed after and got a few autographs.  This is Lauren Alaina, from American Idol.
The night before the last night was Eric, Amanda and I.  This was at dinner.
 Downtown Nashville big bro and little sister.
 On the bridge walking to the arena.
 On the last day of the festival, we all went downtown again to walk around all morning.  It looked like it might rain all day.  The kids were having fun.
 Daddy and Anna.
 Clara, Amanda and Cara.

 I took the big 2 to walk around and play in the Chevy cards.  They were a big sponsor.
 Posing with Elvis
 Free blue bell every where we turned, it was nice, EVERY DAY! :)0
 Clara entered a contest and got 2 tickets for she and Amanda to meet Scotty McCreery, Amanda's favorite, she told him she loved him :).
 And I got to see George again ;)
Another girls night.  Eric let us go as he had to drive first thing in the morning. 
 Right after we got home, it was Eric's birthday!  Happy 33rd Eric!
 We came home to VBS at church, Amazing Wonders Aviation.  The kids had a blast. 
 Then, Father's Day!!  The day before, we went down to Santa Fe and spent some time with Papa.
 And then Eric got to open his gifts on Sunday.  How does Micah bend that way? :)

 Sweet babies.
 A few days later was Cara's birthday!!
 Donut with candles and streamers in the hallway.  Those may have stayed up for weeks, the kids loved them.
 Silly girl, so excited about princess chapstick.
 We were going out of town right after Cara's birthday with a bunch of friends, so we didn't do a party at home.  We met midway between Yaya/Papa, Bailey and Nana and had dinner at Chick-fil-a one night.  Cara had wanted Burger King (she has a thing for their play places), so we went to the one in SugarLand that I had checked online to be sure it had a play place.  It did not, so we headed to the CFA.
 Papa, Cara and Yaya.
Cara, Uncle Greg and Aunt Amanda. 
 Nana and Cara
 Anna, Aunt Bailey and Cara
 Silly girl too busy talking during our picture.
 My big girl!!!  I can't believe she is already 6!  

 At 6, she is a proficient reader, loves her friends, and drawing, stickers and her family.  She is a precious girl, who I am excited I get to spend most days with.  God has blessed us richly in our oldest daughter!

We took a trip to Mason, TX at the very end of June with 2 other families and had an amazing time.  I forgot my camera!  I'll try to get pictures soon.  

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