Friday, November 19, 2010

Picture Time!

Ok, now some more pictures of the kids....There are SO MANY I haven't blogged yet. This will be just ones from September I haven't posted yet :)  Trying to get us semi caught up! :)

Here's mohawk bath baby boy! :)

I just like this picture.  Doesn't she look like Toadstool or whatever his name is from Mario Brothers ;)

Sweet sisters in matching hats :)

Go Bears (and thanks Kerry for the bloomers!!) :)
I just love pictures of all 3 of them :)

I think I have a problem with smiley faces.  Ok, more to come soon, promise!
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Isn't it weird how you can remember things that happened over a decade ago like they were just yesterday?? 

Some of you may not know, but one of my best friends, Miranda Denise Adams, was killed in the bonfire fall at Texas A&M back on 11/18/1999. 

But what I love remembering are the many years before that.  We had our first class together with Mrs. Cain in 2nd grade.  Her and my friend Kate were best buds and I remember how nice they both were.  Then we had Mrs. Janek again together in 4th grade.  Miranda and I did a lip sync together to 'Whatcha Gonna Do About It" by NKOTB.  It was awesome.  We rocked the carboard guitars and fake mics and puff paint shirts (note to self--find those photos!!).  I remember playing in her garage before it was the cool game room it is now.  We were friends throughout 5th and 6th grades, but we really became close starting in junior high.  She and Kate were best buds and Trayce and I were, and once we all got into band together, we really began meshing. 

High school just led more to our budding friendship.  Man I miss that girl.  I love how she got me, and I got her.  I remember her telling me she was going to be a pediatrician and move to Colorado because she loved visiting her crazy aunt Linda up there.  I was already sad about that in like 10th grade...being away from her.....if I only knew I would only have 4 more years with her.....

I loved going to her house after school.  Her mom always had DiGiorno pizza and we made one almost every day.....oh to be able to eat like that again :).  Carolyn--I probably owe you hundreds in food alone from feeding all of us.  I loved our pre-cal and calculus study groups, oh and Chem II with Mr. Bradshaw!  I love living in a small town where her awesome Aunt Sheila was our calculus teacher!  Her mom and her sent me flowers my senior year when I STILL didn't get into NHS (I was salutatorian for goodness sakes) :).  I absolutely love remembering band trips with her.  I remember going to Disney World in 10th grade and she, Kate, Trayce and I shared a room.  We had so much fun.  She had a definite LOVE for Disney.   She collected the movies and had an amazing collection of lithographs.  A few years after she died her mom let me pick one out to keep.  I picked Snow White and it hangs in Cara and Micahs room to this day.  Corpus Christi trips in 11th and 12th grade.  Having balcony wars with our guy friends in band.  Going through the dating and break-up of her and Beau B.  Still went to prom with him, but she went home with me (or, well, me her, we all spent the night at her house) :)!  That was such a  fun night.  Helping her fix her hair cut the day of her senior pictures......she was so mad at you Donna J.!!!  ;)  Here's where it gets Santa Fe Lame :).  I worked at Big Chief (the grocery store) and she worked at Videos To Go (like blockbuster) each summer, they were right next door to each other.  So I could go visit her on breaks and vice versa!  Or when she was working and I wasn't, she'd call me and ask me to bring her McDonald's chicken nuggets with a Dr. Pepper (you know, because Santa Fe didn't get McD until we were sophomores~!).  Oh how she loved her Dr. Pepper.  Had one almost every morning before school.  And we transitioned well into college where she liked an occasional Dr. Pepper and Jack Daniels!  Every time we go to the Dry Bean on 11/18 when we actually get to go to College Station for the memorial, we have a shot of JD in her honor.  You know I love you girl, because you know I don't like that!! :). 

I have so many fun memories.  Miradams.  LAMY.  5262718.  pebbles618.  Silly code words and phrases that only she would get.  You know whenever I see her handwriting, it's like she's still here!  You know handwriting that you'd spot anywhere??  Hers, my moms, my sisters, and my grandmas.  I even write my M (for Misty) like she did, I started in pre-cal, because I thought it was cute how she wrote Ms :).  I still have her email address saved in my email.  And the business card she gave me freshman year with her new address, email, phone # in Mosher (her dorm).  I carry around our picture from senior year with me.  But these are just reminders of the girl I truly loved.  Oh how I wish I knew the woman she was supposed to become (in my plan--not Gods).  How would my life be different?  Would she be married?  Have kids?  Oh those would have been cute babies!  But I do know this.  God used her death to bring me new life.  Eric and I had started 'dating' before she died.  But he took me down to A&M that day and cared for me.  He let me cry on his shoulder at the funeral.  And we became official that evening.  And 8 months later, the evening I threw Miranda's cousin a baby shower, we sat talking in my parents house and I led him to Christ!  (Well, the Holy Spirit did, I just showed him verses) :).  He got to meet her once (10/9/99) before she died, at the BU v. A&M game down in College Station.  Even if it was only brief, I know she liked him, and it makes me happy knowing he got to meet her! 

That's not even the half of it, but I can't write anymore tonight.  I may try this each year.  It's been tiring, but fun remembering all the great times she and I had together.  I'm blessed to be close to her family still.  Her brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, they all accept us into the Adams family.  Here's a picture of us from project grad in 1998.  It hangs in the hallway of our home.  Cara always looks at the pictures and names the people in them.  She knows this is mommy's friend that passed away before she was born.  Oh how I wish she could have met Miranda!  Ok, time for bed.  Until we meet again you!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Tummy Time And Anna UPDATE!

This was from a few days ago.  She really does like it, I didn't get any good smiley pictures though! :)

Look at that pout!
A little happy
Getting mad again:

So, here's an update (for my memory).  She was going from around 7 pm - 3 am without eating a few weeks ago.  Then she went for about a week waking up EVERY.2-3.HOURS.FUN.STUFF.I'M.EXHAUSTED. 

However, I think we've turned a corner and the past couple of nights she's been sleeping longer (I typed this a few days ago and it didn't stick--up a bunch the past two nights).  Last night she went from 8 pm - 4:45 without eating!  Woohoo :).  And she's getting longer spurts throughout the day as well.  I took her in last week and she weighed 13 pounds 6 ounces (at 11 weeks). 

She is SO happy and SOOOOOOOOOOO laid back.  I don't know why God blessed me so, but I couldn't have asked for a better baby.  She has her (high pitched squeal/girl drama) moments, but for the most part she's pretty happy. 

And she is very well loved by her brother and sister.  We call her Anna banana a lot.  Micah calls her baby nana, but has recently started just saying anna, instead of nana.  I just love this girl!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

so bad!

I've been SO bad at updating.  I'm a little overwhelmed.  I think I literally took over 1,000 photos just in the month of October!  Where do I start?  And that requires me to actually sit down and look at them and just pick a few to post.  So, here's a quick attempt.  Who doesn't love kids in costumes? 
Right before playgroup costume party!

She was a cow (Micah: cowboy; Cara: cowgirl).  Yes, they kinda look like rabbit ears.  Oh well :)

My sweet faced man!

That's a lot of kids in costumes!!

First time I ever got him to try it on, then I wouldn't let him take it off until after the playgroup picture ;)

Cara and Ms. Kathy at dance class the day before:

All the dance class gals!
Dancing away:
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