Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So I was sitting down tonight to write a few encouraging letters to a(nother!) friend that is moving much too far away, but following God's direct plan for her family.  In one letter, I included only verses that have stuck with me over the years.  God's Word is ALL powerful and as I continue to learn and hide more in my heart, I continue to love Him even more!  Cara is also doing great in Awanas, and it's nice to be memorizing with her.  So, I thought I could start a short post on my blog once a week or so of a favorite verse and a memory associated with it.  This one's for you Aimee, I didn't include it in your letter:

Psalm 32:7  (ESV)

"You are a hiding place for me;

you preserve me from trouble;

you surround me with shouts of deliverance.

I memorized this verse in the very first women's bible study I went through at Kingsland in the spring of 2008.  It was a great study written by a counselor at our church, and it really helped me delve into some burdens I was holding onto in my life, as well as what generational sin is, and what I'd been claiming instead of releasing and asking forgiveness for!  I can't help but be amazed that the Creator of the universe is MY hiding place.  That I can always turn to Him when I'm in trouble and he will be (and always is) my rescue.  Praise you Jesus for that!

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1 month

Must do a quick stats post, then get off the computer and keep being productive! :)

Anna Marie, her one month stats:

Weight: 10 pounds, 12 ounces (up 14 ounces in 7 days!), 82%
Height: 22 inches (74%)
Head: 14.75 (50%)

here are the links for Cara's and Micah's if you care to compare :)

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Update--the answer!

Update, most of you guessed right, the picture at the bottom is CARA! :)

I feel awful!  I haven't been posting anything about Anna's growth or super cuteness lately because of the busy-ness (unless you are my friend on facebook, I post pictures there much more often).  Tot2tot was a raging sucess despite the LONG hours and crazy double-booking of our space!  Ok, so here's what I can remember from the past few weeks.  She was 9 pounds at her 2 week visit.  After the super long hours of tot2tot, which she had to be with me for feeding purposes (Cara and Micah were at my mom's--where else can you have chocolate cake for dinner??, THANKS YAYA!), she had a heat rash (that cleared up with a good bath Saturday night) and I could tell she wasn't feeling well. 

best dinner ever!
Plus Micah had a runny nose the week before and of course as hard as I tried, I couldn't keep him from touching her.  So, Monday morning we headed to the doctor. She had not run a fever, but I could tell she was starting to get congested.  Her lungs were clear, and all was good, nothing prescribed, just saline/nose sucker/cool mist humidifer.  She's already feeling better.  So this past Monday, at almost 4 weeks, she was 9 pounds 11 ounces.  

Random bath time picture from 9/14

 We go next Monday for her 1 month visit.  She's been doing well.  Besides the week leading up to Tot2Tot, and that weekend (which seems like forever ago, but was in actuality only 6 days ago), where she didn't want to sleep more than a 90 minute - 2 hour stretch, she's doing much better.  We've gotten back on our routine, and the past 2 nights she's slept over 5 hour stretches!  Of course I didn't.  Why do I stay up too late?  She usually eats around 6:30 or 7, then again between 9 and 10.  The past 2 nights she went from 9:30 - 2: 30, almost 3 without eating!  That would have been awesome for me if I had gone to bed, but alas, I was up until 11!

Total bowhead! :)  mommy's a little obsessed :)

Cara has adjusted to preschool 3 days a week (and no naps those days) very well!  She loves her teacher and all her new friends from class.  She loves the routine of it, going outside to play, telling me what all she learned, and practicing writing her name and letter/number of the week.  This week was pet/vet week and Mommy even took Gweny and Anna to visit all the kids. 

Anna stayed in the sling for the most part and was so content.  For show and tell today, she took this picture of her and her puppies:

(by the way, happy late birthday (9/12) Gweny and Riley!  Gweny is now 10 and Riley is 6!!)

Micah has been great as well.  He is getting over the cold he had.  Today Eric stayed home sick from work.  Poor guy was laid up in bed all day nauseus.  I kinda think God does that occasionally so men know what pregnancy feels like ;).  Anyways, so while Anna was sleeping, Eric stayed with her and Micah and I had a mini-date.  He ran an errand with me to get stamps, then we went and picked up a lunch for just us 2.  He loved it.  He very rarely gets alone time with just me (since Anna is always needing me!), so he reveled in it.  He is SUCH a sweet boy.  He occasionally (especially when around other little boys) gets a little aggressive with some hitting, but we are thankful it is not very often.  He is definitely getting his own personality though, now that sister is away at school.  I'm not sure I'm totally in love with it (j/k), but he is still my sweet, cuddly, momma's boy, which I do love!!  Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks, and you can always go to my flickr page and see them all if you friend me on there. 

All dressed up and ready for church a couple weeks ago!

Customizable Paci Clips available here! :)

His new mischievous face!

Mohawk at bath time

Snuggling with Daddy

All my babies!

A quick picture from Jenny's photo shoot.....can't wait to see what she got (on her nice, big camera, not my phone!) :)

Here's a cute one.  This is Cara and Anna, Anna is 4 weeks, 2 days. 
And here is Cara on July 4th at 2 weeks old (same outfit)!

And now a new game.  Everyone says my kids look alike!!  So let's play "Who's That BABY?" :)  Leave a comment and let me know which baby you think this is! :)

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mom of the Year

I get lots of comments about how do you get it all done, blah blah blah ;-).  I thought I'd post about my day yesterday so everyone knew how it really is in the Newsome household!  The day started off fine.  Dropped Cara off at preschool (she was ready to go about 90 minutes before we needed to leave), and went to run errands with the 2 littles in the car. Micah got tired of that quickly, but he (we) persevered.  Didn't go home from 9 (drop off) until 10:30 (Anna's 2 week visit).  Even bought some stamps on the way home.  However, every time I went to put the kids in the car, Micah would either climb into the driver's seat to play, or sit on the seat between his and Cara's chair.  It was a fight every time to get him in his actual car seat.  He's decided whenever Cara is at school, he doesn't have to mind anymore.  Lovely. 

Got home around 11, had a quick lunch, and got Micah in bed and ASLEEP by 11:40.  I felt like superwoman.  Anna even slept a little, and after returning some emails and doing some T2T, I even got about 20 minutes of a nap before Anna needed to eat again!  I got Micah out of bed at 2:15 to go pick up Cara.

Here's where things go downhill.  I pick her up and she starts her fake whining/crying as soon as she steps in the car.  "What's wrong Cara?" I ask.  "I want to stay at school, I don't WANT to go home!"  Awesome.  I feel loved.  Did I mention this was the day Eric has band parent meeting at school and he won't be home until after 9 or so.  The afternoon is starting off great!  We headed to JCPenney to pick up Anna's newborn shots.  I knew they were closed from 2-3 (pickup is 3-6), so we were taking our time.  Stopped at chick-fil-a and splurged on a milkshake for us to all share.  Kids loved that (well, the idea of that).  Until Micah cried the whole way to JCP because I wouldn't give him the milkshake.  Not that I didn't want to, but he and Cara are in the far back and I can't reach them.  Though I've practically perfected throwing his sippy or shoes to him and him catching them (at stop signs and red lights only!), I didn't think throwing a cup with a lid/straw was a good idea.  We finally get everyone in strollers/out of the car and the next 15 minutes is either Cara or Micah crying/throwing a fit whenever it's not their turn for a sip of the milkshake.  I ended up taking it away from them and finishing it off myself.  Mommy needs a little sanity.

So we look in the clothes department for a minute (the kids section).  Saw too many cute things for matching girls and made myself leave.  We get to the photo department (we go there often) and my kids automatically run to the tv and go to turn it on.  Did I mention the lights were off, we were right at 3, but they were still gone.  I told them no, this is not our house, we don't just run and turn the tv on.  Fun.  Anna starts fussing at this point, and all of a sudden the kids remember the milkshake again.  Anyways, the lady gets there, I'm bummed because our family shot is out of focus and Anna basically looks orange (we went when she was 5 days old and she was jaundiced....DOH!).  She does give me coupons for free sheets next time.  Highlight of my day.

We go to the car.  I pop Anna in first.  Micah goes straight to the driver's side and starts pushing buttons.  I think in my head, oh, he's SO gonna lock the doors, but then I have to wrestle him into his car seat and deal with Cara so I forget.  I am pretty sure I had started the car.  The keys were in the ignition.  The second I shut the door to walk to the other side I knew I did it.  I locked 3 kids and the keys in the car.  Praise God I had my cell phone in my pocket and we were right near Eric's school (and it was after school time and he was available to come)!!  I called him immediately, told him to hurry and explained the situation.  Cara is buckled and can't undo the bottom part of her buckle (though I tried to talk her through it many times through the window).  She was getting upset and I told her everything was fine, and she was ok as long as I was smiling.  She really wanted to get out of her seat and help but she couldn't.  Micah was fine.  Anna was good until the last minute or so when she started crying.  I call Eric in frustration, he's down at I-10 and Mason, headed home.  Yeah honey, did you miss the part where we're at JCP?  Oh well, he got there and all was good.  The only thing was that at some point my car turned off, so my little sweat monkey, Micah, was already getting crazy hot. 

So, now we need to rush home so I can feed Anna.  We get on the road and I stop at a red light and Micah wants his cup.  What do I do?  I toss it to him, like we've gotten so good at doing.  Only this time I tossed a little high/hard and plopped it right on his forehead.  Bruise already starting and he looks at my like he can't believe I just did that.  I'm saying I'm sorry honey and blowing kisses.  He's having none of it for awhile.  He gets over it, we get home, and the evening carries on about the same.  So there you go, we have definite off days in the Newsome home.  Oh, and I'm ALWAYS making sure the doors are unlocked or a door is open  now! :)  And here's a picture for those that made it this far:

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

10 days and 2 weeks!


Anna is over 10 days old right?  Yes, she is, but my other baby, TOT2TOT is only 10 days away from happening!! :)  So many of you have been SO supportive in telling your friends and family about our venture.  How can you help?  Any of these 3 things would be wonderful:

1)  Send an email to your friends and family in our area and tell them about the great kids consignment sale that is coming up on 9/18!  You can send them to our website (http://www.tot2tot.net/) for more information!  5% of our proceeds are supporting a local mission at our church, we are so excited!

2)  While perusing our website, grab the link for our button and post it on your blog!  All advertising is good advertising! :)

3)  Friend us on facebook!  We post information for buyers, sellers, vendors, etc all on there (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Katy-TX/Tot2Tot/287933113727 )  And if you're feeling even more generous.....post/suggest our page to all your friends on facebook! :)


Anna is 2 weeks old today!  It's already going much too fast!  She weighed in today at 9 pounds even (up from 8 pounds even last Monday).  Her weight was in the 72%.  Her height (up from birth of 19.75 inches) was 21.25 inches and she was in the 83%.  Her head (birth = 14 inches) circumference was 14.25 inches and she was int he 54%.  Right on par with my other kids.  Big bodies, little heads :).  Everything checked out perfect at the doctor.  I just can't brag on her enough.  I love this little sweet pea!! 

Oh, I forgot to mention her umbilical cord finally fell off early this morning! :)  Yay for real baths!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Anna Pictures :)

She's doing great.  She is so content! 
 I think it has a little to do with the fact that this is our 3rd and we kinda know what we're doing now :).  And we have such great helpers :).  We go on Wednesday for her 2 week visit.  I have no idea what she weighs, but I can already tell the tiny-ness is going away.  She outgrew the newborn diapers we had (we used them til they were gone!) :).  I went to buy one pack at Sam's to get us through until she can fit into all her new cloth diapers I have, and the smallest they had was 1/2.  I thought that meant that the pack was half 1s, half 2s.  Nope, ALL the diapers are sized 1/2, whatever that means.  It says up to 15 pounds--and she fits into them!  They're definitely big, but no leaks yet! 

Her umbilical cord is hanging on by a thread, and I'm kinda hoping it falls off at the doctors office on Wednesday.  I HATE that part!  She's sleeping great at night.  Wakes up to eat, diaper change, eat, then back to sleep.  Occasionally Eric will hear her and go try to put the pacifier in.  Half the time I don't even hear her, if I'm already back asleep.  I do have the best husband in the world!!!  Here are some pictures to get you through the week :) hehe.

A close up of her little elf ear :)
Already finding her hands!
A little tummy time the other day!
Her newborn sized onesie from Aunt Bailey--see, it's almost too small.  We call it her "Super A" shirt :)
Her poor little heels.  Monday the bili test and Friday the newborn screen.
Wide Awake after a 'bath' :)
Mommy gets to hold her:
Daddy's turn!

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Micah Man and his big day! :)

Well, it wasn't that big of a day, and it would have probably been an even bigger day if Anna had held off making her appearance, but I don't think Mommy would have liked that very much :).  Friday marked Micah's first day of being the oldest almost all day while Cara was at school!  Once we dropped her off (and sat through 'parent orientation' where they basically read the handbook to you--thank the Lord I asked a friend and brought snacks for Micah!), we went to run some errands.  Went to the dollar tree to get a few things, went to the outpatient lab at the hospital to get Anna's 2nd newborn screening done, then off to Chuck E. Cheese for a friend's birthday party.  I knew Anna would be in the sling, so I let Micah just walk and hold my hand.  He did great!  I put him in the cart at the store, and he liked that (he got to sit in the back where Cara usually sits), and mommy liked it because it was about 46 pounds lighter :).  He did great holding my hand and walking across the giNORmous parking lot at the hospital, not twice, but FOUR times because once we got in and settled, I realized I left the sheet of paper I needed in the car!  He did good and just sat next to me while Anna got her heal pricked.  And he played in the car while I nursed her before we left to go to Chuck E. Cheese!  He's such a sweet, big boy! 

Once there, we played games for awhile, and he was happy to play any games with buttons or balls!  Or to just sit and pretend to steer the big car games.  :)  After awhile it was time for pizza.  He watched the motorized Chuck E. from afar, and didn't get to close.  Then the real one came out.  He stayed back, but slowly got the courage to get a little close.  I love this picture, with his little hands behind his back :). 

Waiting for instructions ;).  At the end of the song, she threw a bunch of tickets up in the air, and the kids were supposed to gather them up.  Micah, after being scared for a minute, finally got 2 and went to give them back to Chuck E.  He thoughe he was supposed to CLEAN them up! :) 

Then he decided Chuck E. needed a hug :)

I think my sweet little man is going to enjoy his time with just me and little sister :).  He'll get his own time to talk and have some mommy alone time when Anna naps, and I will just eat every second of it up!! :)
One more picture, he woke up early from nap on Saturday and got to watch some college football with daddy and Anna :)

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