Thursday, July 26, 2007

Galveston "vacation" and house link.

Eric and I celebrated our 6th anniversary a little late (to get away from all the weekend rates) and went to Galveston on Monday for a days worth of shopping, R&R, and overall couple bonding. We had a great day. We visited the Elissa, a used book store, had lunch at the mosquito cafe where my best friend Trayce works, we had a great dinner, and shopped the strand on and off all day. It was topped off by the gorgeous Tremont house hotel, which was beautiful and had all the amenities, but come to find out, very UNCOMFORTABLE beds! Good thing we only stayed one night. My mom watched Cara for her first night away from us, and she did great.

In other news, in case you want to see our new house online, here is the link on Enjoy!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy 6 years baby!

Happy 6th anniversary Eric. God has blessed my life beyond comprehension by first giving me you and now sweet Cara. We have had some amazing journeys through our short first 6 years. I look forward to the challenges and exciting times lying ahead of us. I love you.

Video and Pictures uploaded!!

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Here's some video of Cara blowing kisses while she and Garrett played in the sprinkler. They had a lot of fun together, as did the grown ups. I also posted all our new pictures on flickr.

Lots has been going on. We got the house we wanted. The inspection went well except for the roof, now we're waiting to hear what the owners are going to offer us for it. We pray everything goes smoothly, we want to move in August 2nd (when we close) so we can have some time to settle before Eric starts summer band on August 8th. We have begun the packing process, and selling of items process. We're moving to a smaller home, so we are getting rid of some big furniture we do not need anymore. Man, we have accumulated a lot of STUFF in this house that we didn't have to move in to it (it was delivered!). Last night was my last scrapbook night before we move, so I'm packing up my stuff so I'm not tempted to do that instead of pack! :) Right now however I'm posting here instead of completing the last hours of my CPE I need to renew my CPA! Off to the online course again.... :)

Monday, July 16, 2007


We are so happy! We got a good price for it, and now we are putting an offer in on the one we want to move in to. It is vacant, so we hope that we can close quickly and move in before Eric goes back to summer band on August 8th. We can't believe we are finally going to move. This is all a result of us wanting to raise great kids and live debt free. We have been debt free since December, and now, with getting a cheaper home (in a great school district and neighborhood) we will be able to save more and DO THINGS we'd like to do! What an answer to prayer. God is truly good, and we know everything happens in His timing. We may even make it up to Michigan for a long overdue visit!!

In other news, my good friend Deanna Nesvadba had her baby girl, Brylie Elizabeth, yesterday morning. I went to see her today and she is just perfect.

Our good friends Shannon, Nathan and Garrett Wood came in on Friday and just left today. We had a fun time hanging out, watching Cars, Nemo, and Dora multiple times, and taking Garrett and Cara to the beach for the first time. They must have been good luck because our offer came in Saturday morning and our buyer accepted our counter this morning, Nathan's birthday!!! :)

Not a lot else has been going on. Mom and 9 of her teacher friends left for Vegas today and will be back Thursday. Eric and I are going to be watching Hailee, my mom's friend's 5 year old Tuesday-Thursday. Wednesday is my 27th birthday, but I have no idea what we're doing. I guess that's it for now...I ordered a new cord for my camera, so as soon as I get it, we will post over 170 pictures to flickr! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well, ever since Cara's birthday party, we can't find the cord that hooks our computer to our digital camera. It's driving me crazy, because I usually download the pictures a few times a week, and now my card is getting full. That's why there are no new ones on flickr. In other news, we had a great trip to Dallas June 24-27th. We got to see a lot of Baylor friends. We stayed with Justin and Ashley Wood, and visited with Nathan and Shannon Wood (& Garrett) a lot. We also went to McKinney to visit with the Dutys (on their trip home from Michigan) and Dazeys.

We had a great 4th of July visiting with Eric's best friend Ronnie, and his wife and Amanda and their family. They were in town from Denver, and we had a great time. I forgot to bring Cara's sleepy blanket, so she didn't go down so easy that evening there in the pack n play, and woke up before we went to go do fireworks. So we took her with us and she just sat in awe. She wasn't scared, just watched them. However, when we were done our car wouldn't start because we ate away at the battery. Ronnie's mom had AAA tow our car to our house and a friend gave us a ride home. The next morning we got a new battery and all is well. However, it was awesome because of being up late, Cara slept till almost 9. And every morning since (except when we woke her up early for church on Sunday) she has slept until at least 8:30. It's been awesome!!

In other news, since we are in need of a 2nd used car by the time Eric goes back to summer band August 8th, we are both working side jobs this month. I am working 6 am - noon Tuesday/Thursday at the old CPA office I worked for a few months last fall. It's nice because I miss Houston traffic, and I'm home around lunch time. Eric is playing with the town and country theater the last 3 weekends in July. Last night was their first rehearsal. I didn't get to talk to him because they rehearsed till 11, and I was asleep when he got home due to having to get up and get to work this early.

My sister, Bailey, and I have been taking course 1 of a cake decorating class at Michael's. It's been fun doing it together, mostly because we have to teach ourselves because our teacher is not really doing much. We have also certainly enjoyed the fruits of our labors! We've been scrapbooking a lot together, and I have gotten a lot done!!!! It's been great. It's been amazing having Eric home all summer. We traveled a lot in June, and now we are getting to enjoy our family time and get stuff done around the house. We cleaned out the entire garage yesterday. Not only organized and got stuff ready for goodwill, but CLEANED it! Cara got to play in her little baby pool, she loves that thing! We had date night Sunday night at the Alamo Draft House theather in Katy. It is the best place to go see a movie, we've been going to it for years (the one at west oaks before this one opened). It's relaxed and you can eat and drink. We had just had dinner, but we got to have a coke and water, and maybe a little strawberry daiquari. We saw Evan Almighty, which was very cute. After the movie, we went to Cold Stone Creamery (because I had a buy 1 get 1 free coupon), and it was good as well. Although to B1G1Free, you have to get like a medium size, and it was HUGE!

Cara is walking like a pro now. She is such a happy baby. Eric and I were just talking about how fun she is and how much we can't even imagine our lives without her. We truly are enjoying being parents.

Our 6 year anniversary is coming up July 21st. We are waiting until Monday the 23rd to celebrate (it's cheaper). We are going down to Galveston to stay at the Tremont House. We're going to shop on the strand, have lunch at my friend Trayce's Mosquito Cafe and overall enjoy each other's company. My mom will watch Cara for her first night away from us. Wish us luck!
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