Tuesday, February 22, 2011

There, I did it! :)

I had a great day today.  Day, not evening :).  Cara had dance class this morning, then we ran a few errands (and secured Double Dave's as a deal on Juice in the City)!  Woo Hoo :).  (There's a great deal up now if you have little ones who like to help cook, go check it out).   We met some dance class friends at Chick-fil-a and they had a great time.  We started re-potty training Micah on Saturday, and besides a couple accidents here and there (at church on Sunday, once or twice while playing outside), he's been doing pretty good.  Well, it was almost time to leave CFA and he had an accident.  One of our dance class friends offered to take Cara and let her play with Lily all afternoon.  We went to Lily's birthday party early last fall and Cara just loves her.  I asked Cara, she of course wanted to go, so Ms. Amy stayed and let the big girls play a little longer and I took the 2 littles home.

I got home, got Micah on the potty/changed and in bed.  Fed Anna and she went to bed.  She is the sweetest thing.  Just laid in bed for probably 20 minutes talking and coo-ing herself to sleep.  Then I had over 2 uninterrupted hours of work time.  I surfed FB for the first little bit, then got busy working on JITC and a tax return.  This is the first year I've ever stayed on top of the taxes like this! :)  It was amazing, I had time to fold clothes, do some more laundry and get the house straight.  I love my Cara girl and our naptimes we spend together, but it was so relaxing to have one day where Micah and Anna actually slept well together and I wasn't having to entertain Cara or give her crafts or worksheets to do.  I know she's getting to the days where school will take up more of her (and her friends) time than playing, so I want to cherish these days.

So when both the littles woke up and I got them in the car, it was about 3:45.  I headed to pick up Cara and that's when my day went downhill.  She threw the biggest fit because she didn't want to leave.  She has been throwing some mighty fits for about 4 days now and I keep asking her what's wrong in that little heart of hers.  She won't tell me, but I can tell something is bothering her.  After that, I went to the YMCA to workout and though they all LOVE going, she threw another fit because she didn't want to go.  She of course had a great time while there, but then we get back in the car and I tell her I have to run by the bank before we head home and it's another, "I don't liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike going to the bank, I want to go hooooooooooooome." 

Sheesh.  Prayers for patience please.  The day got a little better, then it got a little worse.  I could go into all the details, but I know most of you don't care :).  This is just a segue into a few things I've been thinking about lately.  (first off--the title is meant for me updating the blog!!   Since I got so much done during the day, I got to veg a little this evening and play around with the header/background!) :)

First: I'm tired.  God is rearranging my priorities and I like it.  I didn't realize how tired I had let myself become until I started making myself (most week nights) be in bed by 10.  I had gotten into the habit of staying up past midnight, then Anna would cry around 3 and then wake up to eat at 5.  Exhausted doesn't cover it.  But I just felt so behind and busy all the time.  Anna started on solids a couple weeks ago and then last week we let her start crying it out.  It didn't even take much.  She fussed maybe 15-20 minutes at her normal 3 am 'wake-up-I-need-my-pacifier-put-back-in-time' for a couple nights.  When she realized we weren't coming, she started sleeping until at least 6 am most days (7-6 I'll take it!). 

I've realized I have partners in this life.  Partners in my amazing husband who does so much for our household.  I have a man that is willing to take one out of my arms the minute he comes home, or wash the dishes when I just can't stand up anymore, or make the bunk beds because he knows how much I despise it (and can't reach the top).  Partners in my kids/our family.  I'm 'training them up in the way they should go.'  I know this means their personal 'bent' in life, but I also believe it means raising them to know to help!  Ages 2 and 4 is not too young (in my opinion) to have some small responsibilities, and for them to be fun!  Cara loves helping unload the silver ware and plates, and dry the sippy cups, and help me match socks and fold towels and burp rags.  Micah is a pro at feeding (or over feeding) the dogs with our help, and giving them water.  Cara is the best helper to Micah when I ask her to help me find his shoes or to let the dogs in the back yard. 

I have partners in some of my best friends.  They know the burden of having to take one to the doctor only to pull your hair out trying to get the other 2 to behave and sit quietly while waiting.  They know I'll take theirs and I know they'll take mine just so I can have 45 minutes at the doctor by myself with one child instead of 3.  I love also that I can pay them in cupcakes and sonic drinks :). 

I have partners, which are some of my best friends, in Tot 2 Tot.  I was trying to do it all (especially right after Anna was born), and they put me in my place.  This sale, though crazy I'm sure, is so much more calm for me because I'm (trying!!!) letting them do their jobs and I'm doing mine.  Same with my taxes. If I just do them as they come in, instead of letting them pile up, and make the weight heavier on my shoulders, I feel better!  And when I'm more rested, they seem to go faster. 

Letting go of some things have helped to.  I realized when Cara was a baby and I was making all her baby food and obsessing over everything she ate, I had a little more time on my hands.  She was also my first baby---those of you with more than one or two know exactly what I mean.  The control factor was still there.  Which I've learned over the years is usually coupled with fear.  Control and fear go well together.  Anyways, that's another post for another day, as I'm trying to beat my 10 pm bed time! :)  I've let go of that.  I still mash up Anna's bananas and avocados.  I've been making her brown rice cereal, but I did buy a box of oatmeal cereal, and she's been having 'canned' baby food left and right.  She's had rice cereal, bananas, avocados, carrots, peaches, pears, yogurt...I think that's it.  Some days she eats like a bird and some days she can't get enough (today was one of those days!!). 

I also realized seasons of the year.  I cannot do a bunch of sewing and taxes and tot2tot and juice in the city and keep our house clean for showings.  As much as I want to sew, it's not beneficial to me to stress over that when I don't have to.  I did this last year, took a few month break after the Christmas rush, and it was good for me.  I used to get jealous of watching friends get all these things made.  Then I realized, that burden is not from God.  I may be jealous of their free time, but God has me right where He wants me.  Being a mom of 3 is just busy.  There is more food to make, more laundry to fold, more boo-boos to hug, more individual time to spend with each one, more precious alone time with Daddy to enjoy, and more and more prayers for HELP!  God is the ultimate parent and I'm so glad He is my example. 

Ok, I think I'm done with this tangent, I have so much more brewing in my head, but I'm tired.  I wanted to post pictures, but I didn't get around to it, so I'll leave you with this one from the other day.  Cara went and got this bow for Anna and I clipped it onto the three hairs she has back there.  It's a cute picture of some sisterly loving.  Cara loves that baby, sometimes a little too much :). 

And just for the record, Anna is almost sitting up on her own.  We leave her with pillows around her and she has so much fun reaching for toys, etc.  Where did my baby go????

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

change up

I know, I need a change up.  Like my blog header.  Micah in that picture is the current age Anna is.  Picture update fail.

I know, everyone (ok, some of you) want to see current pictures of the kids.  I'll get that done, soon.

I really need to complete the taxes sitting on my desk.  I really just don't enjoy them anymore (I'm still doing them clients/friends, just don't enjoy it).

You want to hear what's going on in our lives.  Will post soon.  Soon is the 'common' word.

Currently my life is full.  Full of great time in God's word.  Full of seeking out His priorities for me. Full of Tot2Tot, and the great business me and 2 of my best friends have built from scratch in only a year!  Full of taking a little break from Misty's Blessings as most of my sewing stuff is packed away.  Full of house showings and viewings.  And full of one of the most opportuned blessings for our family in this season: Juice in the City.  I'm a local business consultant and loving it.  God has blessed me with ease in talking to people, and I have met some great local Christian people, inspiring people, through it!  And He's also providing for our family in the exact time we need it.  Eric and I love hearing from Him together and separately through prayer and provision.  That God of ours is amazing!  I promise, more to come.....soon!

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Friday, February 04, 2011


Just wanted to get this out there so I don't forget.  Today we started Anna on 'solids'.  She had homemade brown rice cereal this morning.  At first she liked it, then she didn't :).  We'll see, but I'm sure she'll love her super porridge as the others did.  We have pictures....will get those up one of these days!

Today is also our first day looking at new homes and our first showing of our current home.  Wish us luck!

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