Friday, November 30, 2007

no computer

I'm not ignoring you if you send me an email, but our computer crashed on Saturday. My cousin's husband is trying to fix it, and in the mean time I've been making trips to the library and my neighbors house checking emails. I've had 2 Juice Plus wellness workshops this week and they went great. I have lots of new customers that are getting started on improving their health, just in time for the holidays! Anyways, keep in touch, phone calls are good :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Almost Thanksgiving, can you believe it??

It just seems like this fall has flown by. Maybe it's because how busy Eric was with marching contests and football games (they didn't make the playoffs--woo hoo), and with how busy Cara is these days. She doesn't walk anywhere, she runs!! She and I have a pretty good schedule. We wake up, eat breakfast, and head to run errands or go to the YMCA (or both). She loves the childwatch there, and I love how much endurance I'm finally building up by working out most days of the work week! On Wednesdays we go to playgroup at 10. Fridays she goes to CEC at church and I either go to MOPS for 2 hours or to the YMCA for a class at 9:30--it kicks my booty but I love it.

In other news we're heading to Georgetown next Tuesday night for Thanksgiving with the Gambles (mom's maiden name). We are throwing my cousin Ashley a family shower Wednesday night, she and Eddie are expecting their first baby in the spring. Then on Friday we're heading to Corpus Christi to visit with the Newsomes. Eric's cousin Amy is due to have her first little boy in January. It's definitely baby season. There are 7 women pregnant in our ABF at church, and I know 4 others (friends/relatives), so it's basically one or two a month for the next 9 months :) My best friend Trayce is having her 2nd little girl in December, we can't wait. We'll actually be in town for her birth (the first one, Julianne, we had a 2 week trip to Houston planned when we lived in Michigan, but she came 10 days early!!) :) That's all for now. I'll try to load more pictures soon!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

GO Bears!!

We're off to Baylor this morning to hang out with our old friends and see our old campus. We can't wait. Sic 'Em Bears!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fall Fest

Yesterday was a fun day. Cara was so cute as our little bumble bee. Go see our flickr account, there are hundreds of pictures on there! We had a fun time at our playgroup costume party in the morning. Then, after her nap we snuggled on the couch and watched "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," that I had DVR'ed from the night before. She liked it because she has been obsessed with pumpkins this fall! Then when Eric got home we went up to our church's fall fest. We had such a good time. She just wanted to run around, everything thought she was so entertaining! Then we came home, she went to bed, and we handed out candy for a little while. All in all it was a fun day.

In other news, my Juice Plus+ business has really taken off. I've gotten my first few customers, and I have already promoted to get a higher commission!!! I truly believe God has led me to this business. Everyone in my upline is a sweet and servant Christian, that want to make those around them (as well as themselves) healthier! I hope to get a few more customers by the end of my first 60 days (12/22/07), or some distributors, so if you are interested in increasing the health of your family through a thoroughly researched whole food, just let me know!!

I also chopped all my hair off today, about 8 inches! Here's a picture, although it's not the best shot!
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