Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Before I forget.....Anna's 9 months! With pictures!

Went to the doctor last week.

Height: 26 inches I think?
Head: 17 cm
Weight: 17 pounds 14 ounces  33%.

I've never had a baby's weight be less than 65% :) .  I asked because I didn't think she had gained any weight in 3 months.  She looked and she was only 17 pound 4 ounces (not 14 like I thought) at 6 months.  We are not concerned at all, she's healthy and happy.  She says most breastfed babies slow down after 6 months, mine just never have!  I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the store bought baby food.  She's my only one who has been on exclusively that instead of homemade....hmmmm.....

As of now, shes not crawling.  I mean she is if you count moving in circles, and going backwards crawling ;).  She sat up by herself in her crib for the first time a week or so ago.  She loves baths, loves her brother and sister, still takes a paci, does not like being left in the floor (unfortunately for all of our ears, she's there often being the 3rd baby).  Gotta take advantage of the immobile thing.  She's taking more and more baby food.  Today she had pasta and broccoli with us.  She loves EVERYTHING finger food.  Haven't found something she won't eat.  She'll eat pounds of beans if we let her, crazy girl.

Ok, here are some pictures from the past few months.

At Easter, trying to crawl....
With her uncle Greg
After the easter egg hunt
Papa feeding her
My 3 loves
Our family on Easter
With Cara at her preschool party
Just because he's so handsome, even when the sun's in his eyes:
At Cara's preschool program
Before cousin Jack's baptism
At Eric's cousins wedding....
Before the rehearsal dinner:

First swing ride

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

9 months old and 31 months

Our sweet little miss was 9 months old today.  How sad!  She is getting to be such a big girl and I am grasping at tidbits of baby that are left.  She is scooting and trying so hard to crawl.  She crawls really well backwards :).  Today I found her for the first time in her crib sitting up after she woke up.  She has her bottom 2 teeth coming through and I think she's teething her top one because she has been fussy the past few nights.  She is such a laid back and easy baby, usually.  She's taking 2 naps a day (when we are home to nap in the morning), and nursing 4-5 times a day.  She's eating baby food and solids like a champ.  We are going more and more to table food as the days go on. She has the cutest little crinkly nose grin, but the most unattractive squeal when she's stuck somewhere and can't get out!  Like the high chair.  If there is no food to entertain her, she's highly offended she has to stay there!  She is full-on gonna be red headed like Micah.  So the next few years will be full of some drama.  But we will be prayed up and receive it with joy!

Speaking of Micah man, he is two-and-a-half and it shows.  He can be the most tyrannical boy one minute and then the sweetest thing the next.   He is mommy's little man and my cuddle bug.  He's just so lean and skinny, I can curl him up and he's next to nothing in my lap or on my hip.  But when you're doing or saying something he doesn't like, he gets big and will let you know.  He is such a typical boy and likes anything to do with balls or throwing or running or being outside.  And he has a pretty good big sister to him, she loves all things creepy crawly and will be outside for hours with him looking at worms and bugs.  From our first swim of the season on Easter, he seems to be a fish and loves to be in the water, be thrown in the water, try to let go in the water!  We will keep a keen eye on him this summer.  We found out through an unfortunate standing-in-an-anthill-moment that he is very allergic to fire ants and is now getting weekly shots for the next 3-5 years to build up his resistance.  We have an epi-pen if it comes to that, but he did get bit earlier this week for the first time since his bad attack and it wasn't needed.  Thank you Jesus, because I didn't even know he had gotten bit until bath time when I saw them.  His poor little right foot still has the pot-marks and scars from the awful attack.  I hope they go away as he gets older.

He loves ALL things music.  He loves when Eric plays his guitar or trombone, he likes playing around on the harmonica and ukulele and loves singing and dancing.  He's patient with Sissy (Cara) and plays Mommy & Daddy with her, and he loves doing puzzles.  He's growing up much too fast and the days are fleeting.  I was just talking with some fellow moms of boys the other day and though I feel the responsibility of raising my girls into God-fearing Christian women, I feel this new responsibility with my boy.  He will be the spiritual leader, and the head of his household some day.  He will be my future-daughter-in-laws protector and provider and father to my grandchildren.  It seems daunting, but we are parenting him like we began, with the love and grace provided us through Jesus.  And lots of prayer!

My computer is going too slow uploading my pictures to flickr, so I'll leave you just with these couple of my beauties!
Cara and her first worm
Playing Mommy and Daddy, it's nap time with Gweny.
My 3 one morning :)
Daddy and his babies

I'll post soon about my almost-5-year-old and our family news!!

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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Quick baby brag

So much to post on...so little time :)

Anna flew by 8 months almost 2 weeks ago now.  I finally got her pictures taken eariler this week.  She is one of the most laid back happiest babies.  I guess that comes when you are # 3.  Of course, her reflux days weren't so laid back, but now that that seems to be past us for the most part, she is pretty content. 

She has been waving for over a month now.  At first I thought it was really early and she was just flopping her arm around, but if you say Hi to her, she immediate looks and starts waving.  She has the full on arm wave and what I like the call the "queen's wave."  You know the one.  :)  I also kinda consider hi as her first word.  If we say it over and over she'll start to repeat us.  She's been babbling for quite awhile.  She loves babababa, and today while visiting with my parents my step-dad swore she said papapapa.  It's so convenient that's he's called Papa ;).  She is super loved by Cara and Micah and just lights up when they sit down with her to keep her company.

She is still in my most favorite baby stage.  Sitting, playing and not going anywhere yet! :)  But, alas, that phase is almost past us.  She is trying with all her might to reach things.  She crawls forward with her arms, then just looks at her little feet like, "why are you in my way."  She just can't seem to climb over them!  I know we'll be in for it soon.  And I'll have to start keeping my floors a bit cleaner!!  haha. 

Here's a cute picture from a few weeks ago.  Still have about a month of pictures to download from my camera, I've gotten so bad about that.  Love my little bitty girl!

Totally forgot, she has had 2 teeth break through this last week! :) 

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