Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{Psalm 32:8}

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you. "

What an answer to prayer!  I love this sentence towards the end of the following commentary: "As servants take their cue from the master's eye, and a nod or a wink is all that they require, so should we obey the slightest hints of our Master, not needing thunderbolts to startle our incorrigible sluggishness, but being controlled by whispers and love touches."

What an amazing thought to me, that God cares enough about me, our family, city, nation, world, to guide each and every one of us that have a relationship with Him.  As I've felt him slowly nudging our family to something I would never have thought possible, or even really cared to consider, I'm clinging to this verse, among others.  That He will guide us, as we have to follow Him.  We don't know any other way to go! 

As I'm digging deeper into scripture, I've come to love!  This was from the "Treasury of David."

Here the Lord is the speaker, and gives the psalmist an answer to his prayer. Our Saviour is our instructor. The Lord himself deigns to teach his children to walk in the way of integrity, his holy word and the monitions of the Holy Spirit are the directors of the believer's daily conversation. We are not pardoned that we may henceforth live after our own lusts, but that we may be educated in holiness and trained for perfection. A heavenly training is one of the covenant blessings which adoption seals to us: "All thy children shall be taught by the Lord." Practical teaching is the very best of instruction, and they are thrice happy who, although they never sat at the feet of Gamaliel, and are ignorant of Aristotle, and the ethics of the schools, have nevertheless learned to follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. I will guide thee with mine eye. As servants take their cue from the master's eye, and a nod or a wink is all that they require, so should we obey the slightest hints of our Master, not needing thunderbolts to startle our incorrigible sluggishness, but being controlled by whispers and love touches. The Lord is the great overseer, whose eye in providence overlooks everything. It is well for us to be the sheep of his pasture, following the guidance of his wisdom.

I hope it touches you as it touched me. 

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Monday, March 07, 2011


Anna banana (as we lovingly call her).  She is loved SOOOO much (literally, if you've ever seen Cara hug her, it's pretty funny).  And she actually does get her picture taken, she just doesn't get much blog time.  Wanted to update you on her and our goings on.  She started sitting up with lots of pillows, etc  a couple weeks ago,
but just in the past couple days has she really got the balance down.  I absolutely love this stage, when they can sit and play and NOT GO ANYWHERE YET :). 

We let her cry it out a few weeks ago (about a week after we started solids) and she did great!  Only about 20 minutes of crying at 3 am.  However, I think she's teething now because the past few nights she has woken up around 5 and fussed.  I gave her tylenol today and she slept past 7.  Poor baby, I hate teething. 
Anna and Daddy

Sweet pea

4 month picture from end of December:

5 month picture from 1/27:

Mommy making her giggle

Just love this picture:

Here's a picture of Cara from this morning.  She loves picking out her clothes (the night before!) and she just looked too cute today! 

She started swim lessons last week and is loving it! 
My ballerina princess

She had "Dads and Donuts" day at preschool a couple weeks ago, she LOVED it!

Micah man.  He's too precious.  He is also a total handful.  I don't remember Cara being this tough at 2.  However, he is now the age that Cara was when he was born, so maybe I was in a state of newborn stupor :).  He's hitting and we're working on that.  He throws fits the likes of we've never seen.  We're working on it too.  Lots of prayer and Proverbs flowing through my head.  But we will get through it, and I may miss his vocal-ness in 10 years :).  He and Cara both are loving Thomas the train.  (no cable, but we have netflix and they get to watch it occasionally).  She asks to watch it, he doesn't watch too long, but LOVES to play with all things Thomas.  The other day we were talking about middle/last names (Cara must have been at school because he and I were talking and neither of us get much talking time when she's around) :), Anna Marie Newsome, Cara Leigh Newsome and Micah James Newsome.  I don't think he really knows his middle name since he is called Micah Man so much.  He went on to say "And Percy Newsome and Emily Newsome and Gordon Newsome."  I guess all the trains are newsomes (one's name is James...that's where it started)!  Here's a few cute (and mad face) pictures of him.  Just telling it like it is! :)
He grabbed this as we were heading out the door for Anna's 6 month pictures and showed me how it fit ;)

 We are potty training.  Some days are great, others are not.  He's a typical boy (and 2 year old probably!), if he's too busy playing, he usually forgets.  We're having troubles with #2 in the potty, just like we did with Cara.  We'll get there!  A little poop and pee doesn't bother me, I've been living it for 5 years!  And his little naked rear is just TOO cute!

Handsome man :)  Got this tie on Quite Unique!

His typical "CHEESE" face :)

Daddy brought this home from TMEA:

A week or so ago.  Cara did all our hair :) 

When they're not fighting, they play really well together!!  One day I was cooking dinner and noticed it had gotten really quiet.  I went searching, just knowing I'd find a disaster or fight.  And I walked in on this:

and then 10 minutes later, this:

Cute :)

This was after they invaded Anna's space and she got annoyed!

Ok, that's all for tonight, gotta get in bed.
Next I'll post about Jack's 1st birthday, waiting on pics to upload, but here's a preview: :)

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Anna 6 months

Before I forget....

She was 17 pounds 14 ounces, 70%
25.75 inches long 46%
Head was 30% can't remember, like 15.25 or something?  My babies always have tiny heads :)

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