Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bailey Marie Walkup....or BMW for short!

Well, the wedding has come and gone and it was gorgeous. I've uploaded the pictures to flickr so be sure to go check them out. Although, I didn't get one of Eric, Cara and I!!! Oh well, I think the photographer did. It was a long but fun weekend filled with tons of family and running around for Bailey. Yesterday we had Cara's 4 month pictures taken in her dress she wore to the wedding, they turned out cute. I'm at work today, then tomorrow Cara and I are going to go to Aunt Bailey's house to straighten up. On Sunday when the whole family was unloading everything, it all just got dumped around the house, so I figure, with my OCD sister she'll have a cow when she gets back from Paris and her house is a mess. Anyway, there's the update of the weekend, I'll post more later!

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Shannon said...

I am sure that you are glad that the wedding is finally over. The pictures look fabulous. I can't wait to hear all about the wedding. Maybe one day we will actually get to meet Cara in person.

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