Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Super Baby Food!

Lots have happened since my last update. Cara busted through with her first tooth on her 7 month 'birthday.' Then the second tooth broke through within 3 days. So, she now has 2 pearly (stubby, still not all the way out of the gum) whites. I have yet to get a good picture, will post one soon. Here is one of her in the tubs as we were packing up our Christmas decorations (yes, not until like January 13th!!). Also, I have found she has two favorite things to do now. One is play in the jumper that our friend from Michigan got her (Denise--THANKS!). It hangs from the doorjam, and she just JUMP, JUMP, JUMPS! Her 2nd favorite thing to do is sit in front of the window with the 2 puppies and look out the front porch. This is great because it give me a quick minute to email (or update my blog). Plus, she just looks so cute doing it!

We've got a pretty good schedule down. She's sleeping from about 7 pm till 7:30 am, with 2 naps during the day. We usually grocery shop on Mondays. Go to our playgroup with all of our friends from church Wednesdays at 10, and to library time on Thursdays. She is such a good baby, we have been so blessed! I have started making all of her own baby food, to save some money, and because it's so easy and I know exactly what she's eating. It's been great being able to nurse her for so long and now make all her other foods. Wish us safe travel as Cara and I are off to visit Mawmaw and Pawpaw tomorrow in Georgetown. Love to all!

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colleen said...

aw, she looks so adorable!!! she got good genes from her mommy.

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