Thursday, March 08, 2007

Houston Zoo and Angry Easter Bunny!

Hi! Our playgroup visited the zoo yesterday, and we had a great time. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and all the kids had fun seeing all the animals and running around (the ones that can run). You can click here to see the set on flickr. Then, this morning I was pulling out some 12 month clothes, to see what all we have for the summer, and I came across this dog costume that had been donated by one of my mom's friends. Well, I put it on Cara, along with the bunny ears I bought her, and tried to get a cute shot. Out of 37, I think I got one or 2, max! Anyways, thought you'd like to see what fun it is sometimes torturing your daughter into taking pictures!

1 comment:

mcrib96 said...

Boy, that is one unhappy bunny!

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