Monday, January 28, 2008


Well, it's been awhile since we last posted. Things have been going well. Eric has been very busy with the musical at his high school, "Annie Get Your Gun." Last week he had rehearsals every night M-W and then the musical was Thurs-Sat. This week the musical is Thurs-Sunday with 2 on Saturday. So that leaves lots of time for Cara and I to hang out. She is very into reading (sign = read, read!), and coloring (sign = red (she thinks to color means red, but she's learning the individual colors too)). She's such a happy baby. She has 12 teeth now, 3 molor ish teeth (just past the eye teeth) busted through a couple of weeks ago. She is so friendly. She goes to anyone (I know, we haven't really started the stranger danger stuff yet), at church, my friends, random strangers at the library in our toddler class. If someone is holding a book and doesn't have a child in their lap, she will go sit in their lap. That's the only way she likes us to read to her, with her in our laps.

Tonight I start a beginner sewing class at a school in our neighborhood. 2 of my friends from New Ground are going with me, I'm looking forward to it. The Newsome's gave me a new sewing machine for Christmas. The old one I had was from the 70's and you can't get parts for it anymore, so it's only good for straight stitch sewing!! The class is going to be the next 10 Mondays from 7-9.

On another note, Eric and I started Dr. Oz's book You on a Diet on 1/6. It is so easy to stick to, and we are never hungry! I have lost about 8 pounds, and Eric has lost about 10. I've lost almost 2 inches in my waist. We haven't measured Eric yet for inches lost. We are really enjoying it!!

Eric is in the process of building Cara a bookcase for her room. It looks really good so far. I'm going to start painting it this week so he can finish putting it together. We are also starting our compost pile this week, finally have all the parts we needed. We have also started growing some herbs, basil, mint and chives. We are soon going to plant parsley and some others. We are wanting to do a vegetable garden in part of our back yard this spring, but we have yet to get the ground ready, so I don't know if we will or not.

For anyone in driving vicinity of our house, we are having 3 Wellness Workshops over the next 2 weekends at our house. We hope that you come and have fun. Email me if you are interested, and I will email you our flyer. Childcare is provided. All are at our house:
Saturday February 2nd, 4-5 pm
Tuesday February 5th, 6:30-7:30 pm
Sunday February 10th, 4-5 pm
Check back often, we are on the go!! :)

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