Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm going to try to do some catch up posts since I've been lacking in the post department lately.  Here's our Easter post.  We spent last Saturday at Eric's parent's house as lots of Mike (Eric's dad)'s family came up from Corpus to visit.  It was fun hanging out!  Everyone couldn't get over how big Micah had got, and just couldn't stop touching his soft cheeks!!  Sadly, I forgot my camera at home :(. 

That night my mom came and spent the night to go to Easter services with us at our church.  It worked out perfectly because Eric played trombone in all 3 services on Sunday, so it would have been a long morning without her!  We went to the 8:15 service, and sadly we only got pictures of me and the kids, because Eric had to rush back in and play 2nd service (we got out a little late!).  We were all 'matching' in greens, and the kids just looked adorable.  This is the dress Cara picked out; she picked it because of the twirl factor. I  loved it because of the 6 we let her try on, it was on clearance! :) 

Here's Micah playing in the garden at our church.
And here are the three of us:

Before church we opened our baskets.  We don't 'do' the Easter bunny.  Nothing wrong with it, we just say, "do you want to go see what we got you for Easter?"  She doesn't really even pay attention to bunnies, unless they're real and she can touch them!! 
They each got some books and a little candy (and you all know Micah's candy really was for Mommy & Daddy)!  Here's Micah with his stuff.  Excuse my large self on the side:

And this is just cute.  They both were running to me with their puppies they sleep with :)

After church, we came home and to fill the morning, we made Resurrection Rolls (marshmallows rolled in butter/sugar/cinnamon wrapped in crescent rolls).  We got the recipe in a little book from our church the week before.  They gave us some good ideas to do each day for our preschoolers to talk about Easter.  We didn't do every day, but Cara really enjoyed it.  It was like Advent all over again for her :).  She really liked that the marshmallows disappeared when we cooked them!  She really 'got' (as much as a 3.5 year old can) Easter this year.  Just this morning she and Aynslee were 'playing Jesus.'  I said, how do you do that?  Cara said, well, I was Jesus, and I died, but now I'm alive again!! :) 
After that we 'dyed' some eggs.  And by dyed, I mean we bought a pack, squirted some color in a baggie and let her roll it around!  She loved it and I loved the non-mess it created!

After Daddy got home and naps were had, we had an egg hunt.  We hid the 11 (well 12, but I rolled too hard and broke one egg) eggs we dyed over and over.   Cara loves looking for them!  And loved hiding them for Micah (and basically showing them to him and picking them up for him).  It was gorgeous outside, just wish it wasn't so full of pollen!
Micah actually got to get one alone!

Our little man loves two things, his belly button:
and following his sister around!

More posts to come!

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