Tuesday, February 15, 2011

change up

I know, I need a change up.  Like my blog header.  Micah in that picture is the current age Anna is.  Picture update fail.

I know, everyone (ok, some of you) want to see current pictures of the kids.  I'll get that done, soon.

I really need to complete the taxes sitting on my desk.  I really just don't enjoy them anymore (I'm still doing them clients/friends, just don't enjoy it).

You want to hear what's going on in our lives.  Will post soon.  Soon is the 'common' word.

Currently my life is full.  Full of great time in God's word.  Full of seeking out His priorities for me. Full of Tot2Tot, and the great business me and 2 of my best friends have built from scratch in only a year!  Full of taking a little break from Misty's Blessings as most of my sewing stuff is packed away.  Full of house showings and viewings.  And full of one of the most opportuned blessings for our family in this season: Juice in the City.  I'm a local business consultant and loving it.  God has blessed me with ease in talking to people, and I have met some great local Christian people, inspiring people, through it!  And He's also providing for our family in the exact time we need it.  Eric and I love hearing from Him together and separately through prayer and provision.  That God of ours is amazing!  I promise, more to come.....soon!

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