Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Around the House

I don't know why I've stopped blogging. I'm busy and it's low on the list. So, I thought maybe I could show some cute pictures of the kids from this month. They're in reverse order, oh well!

Cutie pie enjoying her bath.

Micah with a super cute outfit from Tot 2 Tot!!

It rained a couple weekends ago and the kids loved playing in the rain!

I put on a show one afternoon and came into this cuddle fest. Too cute!

Girl is walking and getting into all kinds of things :)

'Sup (Anna in Uncle Greg's hat)

An afternoon riding bikes and playing in the front yard

Pointing :)

Cara started her 3rd year of dance, at a new studio this year.  She's loving Ms. Sunny!

So, there you go, and update of pictures!

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