Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Backwards blogging: January 2012 :)

This is my attempt to remember what all we did each month.  :)  January started off with Eric home for just a few days.  We started the month playing dress up with mommy's hair ;)

I took Cara on a mommy/daughter date to see Beauty and the Beast in 3d.  She of course had to dress for the affair.  We both enjoyed ourselves.  She got sprite and popcorn, and I totally enjoyed seeing the movie again!! 
 One day Micah got so upset that I sent him to the front porch to calm down.  He was VERY upset with this, as you can tell :).
Anna wasn't in the least though, so she just posed and posed for pictures. 

We took the kids to the zoo one Monday Eric had off.  We were there with the rest of Houston, and it was so nice outside!!

Look at Cara's pose, seriously, where does she get that from? :)

Snuggling one day on the couch.  They are sooo sweet most of the time. 

To try to woo Micah to stop pooping in his pants, we bought him a potty present.  We put it under the tree because SURELY he'd be done by Christmas, right....RIGHT!?>??!?!?!?

No such luck.  He did go a couple weeks at the end of January, so we gave him his gift on January 28th.  We did great for weeks, even when we went to San Antonio for TMEA in February.  But, alas, he is having even more relapses as of late.  To say I'm tired of it is an understatement.  This boy teaches me more things than I ever thought I needed to know! :)

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