Wednesday, January 01, 2014

One Word

Happy 2014 my friends and family!  Is there anyone else that can't believe that number?  I'm praying blessings over each one of you as you come to mind.  I love fresh new starts.  Clean slates.  Change.  Do-overs.  I feel like sometimes we all need a do-over, don't you?

I'm not a big resolution namer.  I'm sure I think of some in my head, but rarely do I write them down or share them. And that's what a goal includes, quantitative measure.  Resolutions are easy to claim and then dismiss.  Everyone likes the freshness of a new year to get healthy.  I'm thankful I didn't gain but 1 pound in December, but I still have quite a ways to go to hit healthy for my age and height.  Eric and I are definitely committing to that and each other this year to continue our family down the road of health.

This year though, God has given me a word.  A banner for the year, maybe?  A little back story:  I'm on the prayer team for our church plant, Bethel Bible Fellowship.  We meet at 8:15 on Sundays before the service and bible study time.  It allows us to pray over congregation needs, Bethel needs as laid out by our pastor and elders, hearts of attenders and members, etc.  It's also a quiet time for me to reflect and listen to my physical elders in their prayers, they ALWAYS bless me to hear them approach God's throne so openly. Now, I'm the weak link.  The one who doesn't get to attend as often as I'd like.  We take turns so that Eric isn't trying to get kids ready alone all the time.  He did it for me when he was in the orchestra.  And things come up, or kids get sick, or we're out of town.  But I absolutely love going as well as praying for our congregation throughout the week.

But this past Sunday I was there, listening, sharing, praying.  And as we were having our prayer time, I was quietly snuggling into my Father.  Listening to the prayers of other saints and reveling in His grace.  And in that quiet moment, as I begged Him for guidance for this new year, for my words, my actions, our family path, He gave me my word for 2014: PRAYER.  I was so excited!  Because though I feel like prayer is powerful, I also feel like I don't utilize my direct connection to the Lord as often as I should.  I've had on my 'to do list' for 8 months: make a prayer wall. I want to put notes or pictures up of those I've said I'd pray for, not to be forgotten.  Not to get too busy to pray.  Because if I'm too busy to pray, then I'm entirely too busy.

And in that quiet leaning into the Lord, I also felt Him say, this is it!  This is the year! You won't close out 2014 wondering when or if you'll ever get your son home from Uganda.  I believe I heard this straight from our Father God, and with every fiber of my being, I'm believing His words to me.  This is it!  Which may be why He guided me to be engrossed in prayer.  I know we will need it as we travel this road that has always looked like a destination with no end in sight.

So will you join me in prayer?  I want to record requests, but also answers.  Things I've seen God do, like only He can.  If you have any prayer needs, please comment here or email me.  I'd consider it a privilege to pray for you!

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Beaver said...

Seriously, this post brought tears to my eyes, because I, too, have been given PRAYER as my weak spot to strengthen this year. I felt it, but didn't want to acknowledge it out of fear. And to know that someone else has been given that task as well encourages me.

Around me, I see my family and friends hurting, and I know that I have fallen short in praying for them. I fall short in praying for my own immediate family, and also for myself.

My prayer wall is my shower wall--I use crayola shower crayons to write names and needs, but I haven't utilized this in a couple of years. I will start again, and I will pray for you and your beautiful growing family, my friend.

Misty said...

Love you big sis!! :)

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