Monday, May 05, 2014

Name, Updates and Prayer Group

Well, we are still SO excited for our new son.  We have been in constant contact with our agency and feel great about our next steps.  We have gotten lots of questions on when we might travel, and truly, it is all up to God!  My best guest would be September?  But it could be earlier, or later!

Our next hurdle is right now our social worker is reviewing all of our documentation.  She has to prepare an affidavit, send it to our Ugandan lawyer team, have them review it, send it back, and then get our dossier notarized and sent off!  After that we will wait for our court date.

In the mean time, it's time for everything to expire...for a second time!  So this week have sent off for our new biometrics with USCIS.  We have new medicals tomorrow and our 2nd home study update this Friday.

This is all over the place, sorry :)

We wanted to share his first name that we've chosen: Judah!  It means the praise of the Lord.  We are so excited to welcome our Judah home!

I have created a secret facebook page for us to share prayer requests and updates along the next few months.  If you would like to join, please just email me or message me on facebook.  If we are not friends, you can find me here:

We feel extremely blessed with the information we've received, the updates we've been given and the timing that the Lord knows is perfect for HIS purposes.  We may not understand it all the time, but we know it is for our good.  

We love you all!

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