Sunday, August 07, 2005

Weekly News

Sorry for not posting lately. I had a busy week at work, as did Eric. He had summer band all day Monday-Wednesday, and then inservice Thursday and Friday. Friday night I had the ConocoPhillips summer intern farewell event. I was a 'mentor' this summer, and I had a great time. Then, after that, Eric, Adrienne, her sister, Ali and her brother Dominic went to eat at Jalapenos, and then met some friends at Downing Street. It was fun, but we were sleepy party poopers! :)

Satuday was a day of running around, trying to catch some sales at the mall. We did go by and see the Newsome's for a little bit in the morning. Then, we headed over to one of the band parents houses at about 5:30 for the band pool party. We hadn't planned on staying the whole time, but we had a lot of fun talking with some of the parents and David (the head director). The house was amazing! It had a third floor that was the theater room (I should have never let Eric see that!). It had secret passageways and it was just gorgeous. The parents were really nice and we had a great time.

Sunday started off with us visiting the New Grounds sunday school class at Kingsland Baptist Church again. We met some great new people and also found out a couple in the class is pregnant. We spent the rest of the day FINALLY finishing up the back yard landscaping that we started the weekend of 4th of July! I'll take pics tomorrow and post some. Hope everyone is doing well!

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