Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Church band

I have decided that I do not play my flute enough (ok, ever since Jamie/Curtis' wedding in December 2000), so I joined the church band. Tonight is our second rehearsal, and I actually look forward to them; they're pretty fun and the people are great! We are playing a big Christmas musical this year, and Avalon is coming to play at the church December 1/2nd, so it should be exciting.

In other news, Eric's first football game is tomorrow night. It is a home game at Tully stadium (right down the road from my office), so we will be doing that tomorrow. Then Friday is my friend Daniel Lisk's 30th birthday party, which will be an event to remember!

Saturday Eric and I are driving up to Dallas to visit with friends and watch the BU vs. SMU game that night. We are staying with Justin and Ashley and will get to see Shannon and Nathan, and hopefully everyone else that makes it to the game.

Please keep everyone in coastal Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi in your prayers as they are getting over the terror of Katrina. Our neighbors have their family members from New Orleans staying with them. 8 people in a 4 bedroom house. A co-worker is housing 4 families (14 people, ages 4-70). Please donate donate donate to the red cross if you have the funds, they are providing the housing and food that people need.

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