Tuesday, December 20, 2005

13 weeks

Well, we went to the dr. today. I will try to get the ultrasound scanned soon. (That is our 5th picture of our new baby who is not quite 13 weeks in womb!). We listened to the strong heart beat again, and we actually got to see it move!!! It was amazing it was like it knew the camera was on it. It squatted down and jumped up!! Haha, of course, I still didn't feel anything, but it was nice to see it moving around.

In other news, Eric had his wisdom teeth out yesterday. He is doing well. More swollen today then yesterday, but he basically feels fine and is enjoying sitting around watching tv, eating ice cream and pudding!

Eric and I have known about this next piece of news for awhile, but were waiting until after today's appointment to share. After numerous ultra sounds, we have found out that I have a 10 cm cyst on my left ovary. The doctors don't know how long it has been there (since I didn't have an ultrasound before I got pregnant). They were hoping it would go down on it's own, but it hasn't. In about 5 weeks (when I am 18 week along), I will have surgery to remove it. My doctor has done many of these and the baby is in a very VERY little harm. We will keep you updated, I have another appointment on January 10th to check on things and the baby. There is a chance I will lose my ovary, depending on how the cyst is attached to it, so please pray that I don't if at all possible. We are in good spirits, and after praying for weeks and meeting with the doctor again today, seem to be at peace with everything. Just keep us in your prayers!


jen barnes said...

Oh, Misty! We will immediately add you to our prayers! Pregnancy is stressful enough already... you must be nervous and worried and all that goes with the stress of surgery and doubly so because of your baby being so near the cyst.

We hope you are able to have a Merry Christmas despite all that is going on inside you! (are you past the queasiness yet or is it still ongoing with you?) Congratulations, and lots of prayers your way... -Jen

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