Friday, January 27, 2006

Major Update

I know, I know, I'm not keeping this thing updated. I have pictures of Christmas and Thanksgiving online, email me if you'd like me to send you the link. I'm behind the times and not on Flikr yet either. Well, let's start with all the news of 2006. For New Year's Eve, we went up to Dallas to attend the KKY/TBS alumni party...however, we thought the party was Saturday and not Friday, so we missed it! :) We did have fun at Justin/Ashley's house visiting with Jamie/Curtis in from Nashville, and Shannon/Nathan/Garrett, and Ashley's sister and her friends.
It was my first time venturing into maternity clothes. They are still too big for me, but are much more comfortable than my normal clothes. After that, we came home and Gweny had to have surgery AGAIN! She had the bladder stones again. This time, a slightly different kind. But she healed fine and is her same perky self again (with the help of Riley of course!). That picture is of a Christmas joke, Bailey KNOWS our dogs don't wear clothes, but she bought them sweaters for Christmas and we just had to put them on. They were too funny. They wore them about 5 hours, and haven't since. After Gweny's surgery, Eric's truck had to have a new transmission and a new ignition switch (2 separate visits to the dealership). Thank goodness everything was under warranty still! On January 10th, I went in for my 16 week check up. Sure enough, that cyst was still there, so we scheduled my surgery for the 19th (last Thursday). I got 4 great pictures of the baby (total of 9 now), which someday I may put online. And, I begged the ultrasound tech to tell me what she thought it was, and as of right now, it's a "Possible Girl" :) As the ultrasound pic says! My next appointment is Feb 2nd, so maybe we'll find out a little more then, either way, we are thrilled. After, that, it was just waiting out the surgery. We had the quad screen test done, which I had said my whole pregnancy that I didn't want done, but the dr. talked me into it. Sure enough, we are at an 'increased risk' of having a baby with down syndrome. My normal chances should be 1 in 1,020, but we are 1 in 256. We are praying about that, but not really focusing on it much because of the false positives rate that is out there. On 1/19, I went in at 6am for my surgery. It only took an hour, but man was I nervous. I didn't realize I was nervous until I was in there waiting for the nurse to start my IV, etc and I realized I was wheezing. She sent Eric to get my inhaler out of my car and he and my mom got to come back there before the surgery with me to calm me down. I was glad they were there. After the surgery, I remember pain and saying ouch and crying a lot in the recovery room, which they made me stay in for an hour. When they told me I couldn't see Eric for an hour I got even more upset.....then I fell asleep and it went by very fast! :) After that they wheeled me to my room and Eric, mom and Eric's parents came in to see an emotional Misty. They were very good to me, Eric and Mom stayed pretty much all day with the Newsome's visiting in the morning and at night. Each day got a little better, and they let me go home Saturday afternoon 1/21. Mom, Bailey, and her fiance Matt came home with me and took care of me until Sunday afternoon. Eric took Monday off too to make sure I was ok. Tuesday was the hardest because I was bored and missed Eric, and had to move around on my own a lot. The puppies kept me company though and curled up at my feet to keep them warm. I also missed not being in the hospital and having them check the baby's heart beat every 6 hours or so. I think that's what got me so emotional this past week! Yesterday we went to get my staples out (yes, I took pictures of them, they're gross, not getting posted online--imagine a cut from my belly button, down 10 cm!), and man did that hurt, and sent me into another crying spell. I've had lots of weird/sad dreams lately, and I was telling my doctor about them and got upset. Eric has been so great through all of this, I am truly thankful to God that we found each other! The doctor told me the tests on the cyst came back. It's not a cyst, it was a benign tumor that has a 10% chance of coming back on one or both ovaries. They will just have to check every year by ultrasound to make sure nothing is there. That's about it now that you have the full update on my life. I'm really happy it's Friday. Eric should be home soon and my mom is coming up tomorrow to keep me company. Let us hear from you!

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