Monday, July 10, 2006

Another update

We've been real 'busy' lately. On Thursday, Cara had her 2 week check up at the doctor. She was 8 pounds, 5 ounces. Up one pound since her last appointment on June 26th. And, she was up to 21 inches long. She's a growing girl that's for sure. She's starting to get some chunk on her thighs!! The next day we went to JC Penney's and took some awesome pictures! We'll get them emailed to us probably on Monday, and then I can download them to show everyone. We also took her to the outpatient at the hospital and got her 2nd newborn screening, where they prick her heel and take some blood samples, she did NOT like that. Saturday was busy, Eric's grandma (MeeMee), Aunt Patti and cousin Amy came into town from Corpus to meet Cara and we spent the day together. We spent a lot of time at home and we went to Chili's to eat lunch. Yesterday Eric, Cara and I spent the day at home, besides a short trip to Krogers and Blockbuster. We have been renting a lot of movies, some good, some bad! :) Today, my mom came through from visiting my grandparents in Georgetown, and right now they are both napping on the couch. Eric is downloading the most recent pics to the computer, so check out our flickr site soon!


Jeff and Bethany said...

Congratulations, guys! You will be fun parents.

eileen's cool blog said...

cool! i love your baby

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