Wednesday, February 21, 2007

8 months, I can't believe it!

Cara was 8 months old yesterday! I cannot believe how fast it went. We went yesterday and registered her for preschool starting in September at our church. It's Fridays only from 9-2:30, which will allow me to do some bookeeping, and get some rest if I'm pregnant, like we hope! She has really started being a big girl lately. In the past few weeks, her favorite things to do are say "babababa" and "mamamama" although Eric doesn't believe me that she's calling ME. She also is pulling up on stuff, and if I stand her up and put her on her table play thing, or in her crib, she'll hold on and play. Although, she doesn't like it when she falls. She still isn't crawling, which I think is frustrating her. She has all the motions, the getting up, the rocking, but then she usually ends up on her belly which she doesn't like as much! She also is starting to have a little separation anxiety I think from me, which makes me feel loved, but I'm sure it's not nice for the nursery folks at church, or others that come to visit and all she wants is me. She is the sweetest little girl though, very affectionate. She LOVES her daddy, and loves watching the puppies play. She was pretty good at TMEA once we got past the first night. She loves drinking water, and is eating like a big girl. To date she has had homemade: apples, bananas, pears, peaches, avocado, asparagus, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, yellow squash, I think that's it. I went to the store yesterday and got her kale, plums, kiwi and more bananas and avocados. So I'll have to make those soon. She is a great poser for pictures, which is good for me! She still only has the 2 teeth, which I finally zoomed in and got a picture of :) She loves when we walk outside, it's her favorite place to be, thank goodnes it has started warming up. She's a great car rider. We've been to Georgetown, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Santa Fe (TX), etc without a hitch. She loves being read to. She's starting to wave, which is too cute. We have been teaching her baby signs, and although she can't sign back yet, she understands the few regarding food. If we show her time to eat, she gets excited. And when we say all done, adn she's still hungry, she LETS US KNOW! Well, she's in a falling down phase, I have to go. Love to all, check out the new pictures!

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