Friday, September 07, 2007

Sick little sicky girl

Well, it's been that week. When this turns into this turns into more doctors visits! Last Thursday (8/30) Cara had been cranky for awhile, but was out of control and had started a clear runny nose and a slight cough. Then, she threw up during her 2nd nap so I knew it was time to see the doctor. Come to find out, she has her first ear infection, and it's a DOUBLE! So we got get the amoxicyllan (sp?) and we're on our way. She had no fever, so I'm glad I took her in, usually I 'wait it out' a couple of days. She's fine and by Friday her runny nose is gone and she's more like the happy Cara we love! Then on Tuesday, clear runny nose comes back, with a cough. And by Wednesday she feels SUPER hot to the touch and pukes again. So we take her back in. They said ears are perfect, now it settled in her chest and she probably has bronchitis. So they say no more amoxicyllan, let's give her an antibiotic shot so she's not on them for 2 weeks, and here's a cough medicine prescription, but only give it to her if you HAVE to b/c it's got that crazy drug in it. Lovely. But, she also has a 102.2 fever, so we're supposed to alternate tylenol and motrin ever 3 hours. So with 1 dose of cough medicine and fever meds, she's down to 99.5 by bedtime. She didn't wake up at all that night (which is normal) but that also meant no fever meds. So she wakes up with this pitiful whine Thursday morning with a 101.9 fever. Back to tylenol and motrin. She feels better and by bedtime yesterday, no fever. We even woke up her up to check it a little after 10 when we were going to bed and it was low, 97.7. This morning, she wakes up, no fever still, eats breakfast, and I go to get her ready for the day, and I notice a rash....all over her belly. Then I'm talking to my nurse friend on the phone and I see it on her back and her neck and behind her ears. I'm like, GREAT $120 in doctors visits in 8 days. But I call my genius doctor cousin and she says the same thing my nurse friend does, and the nurse at the pediatricians office that I talked to. It was probably a virus, now the fever has broken and the rash is here. It's not raised like hives or an allergic reaction. So hopefully she'll feel better. But as I sit here she's not taking her morning nap and when I checked her earlier it was up to 99.5. God, please heal my poor baby. Also, I'm not feeling good, and of course Eric won't be home most of the day tomorrow either b/c their first football game is 6 pm on Saturday. Prayers please!

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jen barnes said...

I learned the hard way, too, that a rash is a good thing in the little ones. Once you see a rash, it's probably a virus "working its way out." Scary stuff, but I bet the worst is behind you.

Speaking of worst and behinds... I need to change a bum. Prayers for you are being prayed.

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