Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mommy's sick

Yesterday was just a horrible day. I woke up about 2 am with a fever. I was hot to the touch (per Eric) but I was shivering and I could not get warm. First I added pants, then socks, then a hoodie. I laid under the blankets for awhile and just shivered. Then I got online to look at symptoms. When I decided it was just a cold/flu, I went and laid on the couch and watched tv. I think I nodded off about 6:20, then woke up at 6:45, then laid down at 7, then got up with Cara at 8! Thank goodness I already had an allergist appointment scheduled for 8:45. He was able to prescribe me a Z-pack (which I can take because I'm still not pregnant!). Cara was so good yesterday, thank God! I was worthless, I just laid on the couch all day. She played and danced and played some more. She is such a sweetie pie when she's not sick! :) Eric of course was especially busy yesterday. They had their district's "Band Extravaganza" yesterday. It's basically Pre-UIL where all their district bands perform. Eric said his band performed the best he's ever seen them, so it's looking up. But he didn't get home till 10:45! Cara was sleepy (probably from inactivity), so she was in bed at 6:45. Which gave me plenty of time to lay on the couch and catch up on my tv. By the way, the private practice from Wednesday made me cry hysterically! If you've just had a baby, or are pregnant, I recommend not watching that episode!! My fever broke yesterday evening after the 1st dose, and I feel better today.

Also, we've been having our kitchen redone. We've gotten new granite countertops, and a new dishwasher, microwave/hood and convection range. The last of the granite is being installed as we speak (some small parts they forgot Tuesday when they were installing the rest). I have some before and after pictures, but remember everything's not done. I LOVE my new sink. I wanted 1 basin and the deepest I could find. It's great. All my cookie sheets/roasting pans, etc all fit in there! Anyways, Cara's down for her nap, I'm going to get some stuff done.

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