Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cara's first ponytail!

Well, her hair is finally long enough (well, her mullet) to kinda put in a ponytail. I tried to snap some pictures before we were off to bible study this morning, but they're a little fuzzy. This week has been fun. Eric has been sick all week, he stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday, suffering from a runny nose, over 102 fever, shakes/chilly/hot/achiness/no sleep. He came home from the doctor yesterday and said that he said to many 'itis' to remember. He had the beginning stages of an ear infection, sinusitis, tonsilitis, among others. He was also down to 202 pounds! He was like 230 last summer, so you can tell he's been dropping some weight (that and being sick helped I'm sure). He was the only one in the household that didn't get a flu shot last fall. So please pray that Cara and I don't catch it. In other news, I'm busy doing tax return, oh so fun :). I'm enjoying my sewing class I'm taking on Monday nights. I've made Cara a PJ set, and now I'm working on a dress for this summer. I think it's fun! Friday night is scrapbook night with my girlfriends from church, so I'm looking forward to that! I'm LOVING my bible study, "Making Our Hearts His Throne" by Susan Sowell, a counselor at our church. It isn't being published yet wider than our church, but I just KNOW one day it will be and I encourage all to work through it. The first three weeks made an amazing difference in my prayer life! I have already seen answered prayers. And in other news, we don't have to go have extra testing at my doctor. More news on that after 3/10. God's blessings to all!

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Crissy and Kevin said...

so by no testing does that mean you are pregnant?!

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