Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hello out there from TMEA!

Hi World,
We have been a little absent (and absent minded) :) lately. Since Thursday, we have been in San Antonio at TMEA's (Texas Music Educators Association) big conference. Eric is actually currently still at the last concert of the event that he is attending. He has been going strong since we got here. I'm sitting in pure darkness except for the light of my laptop screen while Cara sleeps in the little 'hotel crib' slid into the closet (she can breathe, the doors are open). It's amazing the difference a year (and a blanket) makes. Last year, she was almost 8 months, and she literally cried the entire first night we were hear. We finally figured out the 2nd night that if we covered her pack n play with the comforter from the bed (just until she fell asleep), she would fall asleep, the girl likes dark I guess. This year went much smoother, but we did do the dark thing. Once she's good and asleep, I usually give her 20-30 minutes, then I can turn on sound (either watch a dvd on my laptop, or the tv). I watched Aggie and Baylor basketball today (both of which lost) :(. Bailey's brother-in-law, Nathan Walkup, plays for A&M (#45), so it's fun to watch when you 'know' someone. He walked me down the aisle at their wedding, so I can say he knows who I am ;). He's a freshman this year, and played more earlier in the season; it's just so fun to watch. They are doing well this year, as is Baylor! Go Bears!

I'm into 'tax season.' I started waaaaay back in January 2001 doing taxes for mostly family and college roommates, and now it has blossomed into a great little spring side business. Mostly, we sock it away into savings for our property taxes, but hey, it's one less thing Eric's paycheck has to save up for. With taxes, and the way my JP business is taking off, we may actually take a vacation this summer! :) And we're definitely saving up for a newer car. Well, I'm off to darkness, how sad is this, I may actually go sit in the bathroom to read, this light is too dim to read by! :)
Blessings to all!

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