Thursday, February 16, 2012

So where are we?

Funny question, because I don't think I can answer it.  So MANY places at once.

But I have been asked a few times since my lack of blogging anything 'real' about where we are in our adoption process.  On Sunday we will have been on the waiting list for our referral (in adoption-ese that means getting pictures and background info on OUR son!) for 2 months.  Originally, we were told we would wait for around 6 months for that referral.  However, lots of changes have been going on in the courts and at the embassy in Uganda, and so it spurred a trip over by my agency.  My personal social worker went, along with her boss and the director.  What came out of it, is that they are very hopeful that things that the Ugandans were worried about have been cleared up, but that they are doing more investigations, and that will push our timing back to around 12 months for waiting for a referral.

So now, we continue to wait.  We have peace in the waiting.  We know we are in God's will and that is so encouraging.  I think the 3 kids at home and their busy-ness helps too :).  We thought we might be traveling as early as this spring when we started this process last spring, but we were wrong.  Now it looks like we might not even know who we are matched with until Christmastime 2012, and then we wait some more for a court date.  We of course know this is all God's perfect plan for our family, so we continue to wait.

However, I have been continually seeking God and His will for my life in the waiting.  I'll just post an email I sent to a friend so you can read:

"God and I have been having deep conversations lately about me traveling to Uganda this summer.  I've always wanted to go on an international mission trip, but the cost has held me back.  Then Eric and I figured when we go (whenever that might be) to adopt, we'd treat that time away as a mission trip and prepare for it accordingly.  But God hasn't let it go for me.  I keep feeling His pull, and specifically for this summer to go.  I had always thought a trip in 2012 would be it.  Then today at KBC (this was 2/5) Pastor Alex preached from Nehemiah again on vision.  How Nehemiah told the problem, the solution, why we should do it and then more specifically why NOW?  (Neh 2:11-20).  I felt it with my whole being.  God saying you need to go this summer.  To experience Uganda before you are there as a mother of one of the nation's orphans.  Then, in our ABF, we did something we've never done before.  We did announcements, then a member played guitar and another member sang and we had a time of worship, communion and prayer as a body.  God yanked me to my knees and the sobs just came.  Giving over to His will (just as I did last January when my heart began breaking for the orphans of Uganda) is always an emotional experience for me, but it is also amazing!  Eric felt it too and he was having some of the same revelations.  We both spoke about it on the trip home from church and so now we just have faith!

It's hard even wanting to plan this type of trip for me when we've already felt completely blessed by everyone around us for donations to our adoption.  I can hardly wrap my head around raising/earning even more money for this trip, but instead of angst I am at total peace.  I feel like God is about to (continue to) do some big things and I cannot wait to be a part of them. 

I have been praying what Jesus prayed in John 17:4 over my life:  "I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do."
Don't we all want that to be the prayer at the end of our lives.  Completing with JOY the job God gave us specifically to do."

So that's it.  I spoke to my friend Tonya today who is going back to Uganda in June/July with her crew and her ministry Kirabo Seeds and I will be joining them after a short family vacation in late June.  I am SO excited.  And also nervous.  I am the saver/planner in the relationship, and as we’re fundraising thousands of dollars for our adoption, I never even considered taking a trip there before we completed the adoption.  It’s a leap for me, because the sensible part of me says “How can you earn/save even MORE money to go early?”  But God keeps whispering GO, so I will.  I trust His lead and I think He’s calling me there before our adoption to truly fall in love with the country and the people.  To break my heart for the orphan crisis there, something that’s easy to see on blogs and in photos, but will be a completely different and difficult thing in person. 

There is so much more to share.  So many things rolling around in my head and heart.  Eric got an earful this week, so please pray for him ;).  But, if you feel so called, I would definitely covet your prayers.  This is my first international mission trip.  So excited, but knowing that I have NO idea how this is going to go of course sends the planner in me back to my knees.  Thank you for your continued love of our family!

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Beaver said...

Thanks for the update. I have been thinking about you and praying for you! Your obedience is so humbling. :)

Love you, friend.

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