Thursday, September 19, 2013

December 2012 Part 1

Must have been a phone dump, but I just have a few pictures on my laptop for December 2012, so I thought I'd blog them really quickly before I found all of our December pictures to blog.  These are from mom's house on Christmas eve.

Yaya dancing with Anna Banana
 Papa trying on Anna's new headband from Aunt Bailey.
 She likes chocolate
Bryan, trying on anna's new sunglasses 
 My princess girl ready for church.  Bought the dress at Tot 2 Tot.
Watching a show at Yaya's house 
 On the way home from Yaya and Papa's house: WORE OUT.
 In our Jammies in front of the tree.
 At our candelight service at church.

 Cara got a DS from Yaya and Papa and this is what our first few days of having it looked like :)

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