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May 2013

 Thought I'd try to catch us up on the summer, now that we're well into fall.  We got a new (to us) laptop over the summer off craigslist and love it!  But, we are still back and forth with pictures.  SOOOOO, we'll just start in May because that's what I have on this computer :)  And, they're not in order as far as I can tell!

On May 5th, Cara was baptized!  It was a beautiful day, just the second Sunday we had baptisms at Bethel.  It is a major spiritual milestone in our family, so we had everyone up and a special lunch.  

 Yaya and Papa with the kids and Eric.
 Cara out in the garden at church.  
Paul asked her to write out her testimony and read it before her baptism.  This is a symbol of our faith and how Jesus called us to go and make disciples.  The thought is if you can't share your faith publicly with your church family, how can you go?  I loved this and Cara did so well writing her own Jesus story and reading it to our family.

 Pastor Paul Cockrell officiated. 
 Happy girl!

That evening Cara had her WAM (worship arts ministry) performance at church.  She loves singing and had a good time.
 Anna and Eric, after that we headed to a good bye reception for Patrick and Shannon McCrory and girls.  I mentioned them in my last post.  Boo for goodbyes!
 On that same note, Maddee, a friend who had been coming and playing with the kids one morning a week while we did school for a couple months, was moving on.  The kids LOVE her and she is great with them.  She's back now and working full time, need to have her over STAT.
 A random picture from one of our end of year science experiments with friends.  We made constellations out of boxes/holes/flashlights and were trying to see them in a dark room! 
 Nana and Aunt Amanda wanted to go with us to take Anna for her first hair cut (WAY earlier than any girl newsome before!) and Micah needed his summer 'do :).

 This was earlier in the month, last swim lesson for Micah at the Y.  He loved them....
 though he is crying here.  He enjoyed Mr. Roni. He was crying because he didn't want lessons to be over :).
 I took the kids to Eric's last band concert of the year.  I'd give them a 8 out of 10 for concert etiquette.  We got up and walked during one band, but overall, I was happy and they had a good time!  
 I hosted a girls goodbye coffee for Shannon before she left.  I miss this girl, thankful for facebook and texting!  She left 1 month before they travelled to China to bring home her 3rd daughter.  A daughter they had waited for over 7 years!!  I can't wait to meet Miss L in person!
 In May we had a mother's day dinner at Bailey's house.  Cara had a good time, though you couldn't tell from this face :).
We also started swim team.  After a week of sitting on the sidelines, Micah wanted in. It was SO GOOD for our kiddos!  Both are very good in the water now. 
 Anna: #wannabe :)
 May was the end of soccer season, Cara really enjoyed her first sport, and loved Coach Matt.
 We had a garage sale at the end of the month, Cara made TONS of pictures and sold them, she's so cute.  Her friends helped her.
 My BFF from age 5 had a birthday on 5/26 and I actually got to go down and spend a dinner with her kid free.  First time in years.  Love you Trayce!
 I also got to go away for a night to help Tonya set up her online store.  I got to go to the barn, sleep in a king size bed alone, and enjoyed quiet travel there and back.  
 Random end of month picture.  Tonya gave me these stuffed animals she brought back from Uganda.  Kids still sleep with them.
And that was our month in pictures!

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