Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fast weekend

For a slow week, it sure was a fast weekend. Well, it started off boring, me falling asleep on the couch at like 8:30 on Friday night! We slept in a little on Saturday, and then we got ready to go meet some of Eric's high schoolers. The 'band council' (officers) met at the Houston Yacht Club to get some things done before summer band gets underway tomorrow; they had the new directors come out so they could meet them. We all had lunch together, and all I can say is that I am glad I'm not in high school anymore. That, and I never remember being that immature, although I'm sure my parents can vouch for it! After that, Eric drove me to the school to show me the band hall at his school. It is still under contruction (well, they are in the cleaning phase now)--they had a HUGE new band hall/ensemble rooms/auditorium rebuilt during the summer. We stayed up late Saturday night finishing up our new 'home office' by finishing the furniture, putting the books on the shelves, and watching some TV.

Sunday we spent most of the day doing yard work (our yards look great!) and cleaning out the garage. We are so tired, a little sunburned, and glad that's over! We are trying to get to bed early tonight to be ready for this next week. Eric has to be at school tomorrow before 7:30, and I might as well make it to work on time anyway :) I will make Eric post this week to tell you all how his first week as an assistant high school band director goes. :) Later!
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