Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hurricane Rita

All of my family and friends that I have talked to have an evacuation plan and a place to go. Eric and my plan is to leave Friday after work (if it's not shut down before then) and head to Georgetown to my grandparents house. My mom and sister are heading up there tomorrow morning, and Darrell is heading up Thursday night. Our cells have already started having problems, and since we don't have a home phone, here are numbers just in case:
Me 2817958417
eric 2817958416
We will be at 512-896-5771 thursday until sunday hoping the storm doesn't damage our house. We will keep you posted as to what we know.


google nut said...

Another great blog man! What a 4 you are! I couldn't derive half the fantastic ideas that you come up with.
My birdbath site is too off kilter and rarely unique in content. Why aren't you in advertising or better yet a "think tank". Can you teach this kind of creative thinking? Is it something you were born with? Keep the fabulous ideas comming!

jen barnes said...

don'tcha hate the spam comments?

Hey Misty, y'all should give us a call this weekend if you indeed end up in Georgetown. You could meet James at least... We'll be praying for your house!

Rudy said...

Looks like you've become a victim of comment spam. :(
At least your blog is getting noticed. In other news, my folks are also thinking about coming up here, too. It all depends on how things look like in the next few days.

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