Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fun Filled Weekend

Man, when I put my mind to something.....

The weekend started off easy enough. I got up and started checking things out online for work. It was going pretty well, so I went upstairs to get Eric up a little after 8. He came downstairs and we ate a quick breakfast. I was going to be on the computer for awhile, so I said, why don't you go pull those weeds out in the back yard flower bed (that we started last year and pretty much let go the past few months). So he did. It started to look really good, and after getting bored with some work, I said, let's go up to Home Depot or the Garden Center and pick out some flowers for it. So we went to the depot, and the soil/mulch we wanted was more expensive, so we went to the garden center, which was having a sale! On the way we stopped at Sherwin Williams to compare a paint color we had picked out for our living room/breakfast nook/kitchen with a color we had picked at home depot...just to see what we liked better. So we get to the garden center and picked out some great plants, most of which were half off. We came home, ate a quick bite, and I put Eric to work. Eric laid all the new soil, I potted a plant, and laid out the plants how I wanted them in the flower bed, and he planted them all and then put all the new mulch down. I was impressed. The picture does it no justice, but it looks good!

So then, I come back in, we shower, check work stuff online, lay around and eat dinner and watch the Astros game. Then, I'm like, why don't we paint these rooms? We have a color, we want to do it, let's do it this next week slowly (Eric can work during the day) so that it'll be done and paint smell free before the baby comes. So of course before you can paint, you can to clean the whole house head to toe right? I vacuumed the entire downstairs, including the laundry, all the tile corners, moved everything in the living room and really cleaned. Then, Eric ran up to home depot as Kerry Duty called, so I took a rest on the couch and he went to get the paint (this is almost 9pm now). Kerry and I had a great talk, for almost an hour!! She was rocking little Joshua and it was great to catch up. When Eric finally got back home, I got off the phone and still wasn't tired. I decided to tape off the living room. Then I finished it and taped off the breakfast nook. Then I finished it and taped off most of the kitchen! Eric (and most of you) thought I was crazy. Finally I got tired and decided to go to bed.

Anyways, now I'm up and at 'em (can't sleep too long, I get way to uncomfortable) and am checking work stuff again. I predict we get the ugly green wall that I painted about a year and a half ago in the living room primed today and everything out of the kitchen (from on top of the cabinets, etc). Maybe we'll even start painting the breakfast nook and other walls of the living room. Here are some befores...will post the afters if I don't go into labor first! :) Don't worry, I won't stay around the fumes. Besides, my doctor said when we were painting the nursery, as long as I keep it well ventilated and take lots of breaks, I'll be fine. :)


jen barnes said...

It sounds like you're about to go into labor. All that energy shows up right before the baby!! I felt like I was ready to run a marathon before James came.

Good luck and ... keep us updated!

Shannon said...

Still getting those nesting urges, huh? The Wood gang (that is 5 of us now) is making plans to come down to visit and see the new baby. Let us know when a good time to come would be. We can't wait!!!

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