Friday, April 20, 2007

10 months

I can't believe my little girl is already 10 months! This time a year ago I was having my first baby shower! She has grown up so fast the past few weeks. You can see her trying to walk on the dropshots videos. We had this picture taken today at Picture People. I like that you get the pictures the same day, and I just got a free 8x10, but I think I'll stick with JC Penney. They take longer to get, but it's a much better value. This is one of many bathing suits Cara has for this summer. She also has a camo two piece, and some cute one pieces my friend Sterling is letting us borrow. This weekend we have a birthday party (well 2 but we can only make 1) for our friend's little girl Hannah. Keep my step-dad Darrell in your prayers, he's having foot surgery on Wednesday. Also, keep the sale of our house in your prayers, we have found the one we want to buy, now we just have to sell ours!


James said...

Super cute pic of Cara Misty! Rilyn had one just like that! Cara looks so much like Rilyn at that age...

audrey said...

Too cute!!! She is so sweet!!!I love this website!! I have pages for the kids at,
so, we need to talk!!! Where is the home you guys are selling?? We are looking right now!! And I got my carrier in teh mail that my friend have to check it nice..she said if you wanted to just pick out some fabric and send it to her, she'd make one for you! I love it!! I've been wearing it all day, and yesterday! I even put Broderick in it and went on a walk with him on my back!!! Anyways...I have pics of it on my myspace page, and I blogged about it!!!
check it out and let me know what you think!!!
happy monday!

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