Thursday, April 19, 2007

Prayers for Amberly (Couch) Hall

Please keep a friend of mine from 2nd grade in your prayers. She was pregnant with her 2nd little boy back in February when she went in to get some moles removed (just because her sister in law had just had it done). They ended up taking way more than she was expecting and had to wait on pathology. They called her on a Tuesday and said to come in with someone. She went in on Thursday, they said it was cancer and she was going to be induced on Monday (5 weeks early). Little Ashton was born naturally on March 20th and was only in the hospital the normal 2.5 days, and they went home that Thursday (strong little man). I took her dinner and she seemed in good spirits. She has Aiden (20 months) and Ashton at home, plus her mom took some time off (she teaches with my mom down in Santa Fe) to help. She went into the hospital 2 weeks ago for more testing to see if it had spread and to have surgery. While in surgery she went into shock and had a series of small strokes and almost died, but God pulled her through. Right now they are waiting for the doctors to tell them the next step and to find out the new pathology report. Please keep Aaron, Amberly, Aiden and Ashton Hall in your prayers. She is just 27, with 2 small babies at home. They are christ followers, but I can imagine how scared she is to lose those babies. Just remember her daily!
Update: they just heard the cancer hasn't spread to her lymph nodes, Praise the Lord! She's meeting with an immunologist and neurologist to see what the next step is.

Also, the cord was wrapped around Ashton's neck TWICE! So if he hadn't been born early and as small, he may not have made it. God works in mysterious ways!

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