Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cloth Diapering

I know, you all think I'm crazy. But we've switched (or are in the process of) Cara and will cloth diaper all future Newsomes ;) I've been reading about it a LOT online, and let me tell you there is plenty to read. Then on Tuesday I went to a shop in Houston that has talks on cloth diapering once a month and I was hooked. It was much easier to actually see all the different kinds/methods/folds/brands and try one on Cara. I bought a couple covers and was given a prefold and ordered a couple online. Then, I found patterns. Lovely patterns!! :) So yesterday I went and bought some fabric, and today I've made 3 prefolds and a fleece cover. And they are really cute, I'm proud of myself! We've been doing it all day, and they work wonderfully. There have been no leaks or anything. The only thing is they are a little more bulkier than disposable diapers, so my already big bellied baby is going to have to go up a size in shorts possibly. We'll see, today she's mostly been short-less since we've been around the house.

In other news, this has been a busy week for Eric. Tuesday night was his spring concert, which Cara and I attended. It was a great concert, but it was a fiasco afterwards (keys, construction, traffic, no gas, UGH). Then, tonight is the Red & White game for MHS, which the band has to play for of course. I don't know if it's JV vs Varsity or Varsity vs alumni or what, but the kids seem to be excited about it. Then tomorrow night is the Fine Arts Banquet down by the galleria. I'm actually going this year (last time I went I was pregnant). It should be fun, but I know I can't stay up to the midnight end time, so I'm meeting Eric there so that I can come home when I get tired. Poor Eric has to get home LATE friday, then drive to his NEW region meeting (which, being in Katy ISD and living in Katy you'd think would be close) Saturday morning, but it's at UH Downtown!!! So my mom is watching Cara Friday night, staying the night, and we're going shopping Saturday morning at some shops we have here in Katy that she likes. Well, I'll update later, once I find the cord for my camera, I'll put up some new pictures too.

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