Thursday, May 08, 2008

No More Potty Training!

You'd think that would be because she's trained. NOPE. We quit on day 3. She was definitely not ready, and my poor baby girl who LOVES to sleep was crying every time I laid her down because she knew she'd pee and wake up wet. A few times she'd come to the hallway, and say poo poo (which means pee or poo, she doesn't know the difference), and we'd race to the toilet, but then it was just a game, she wanted me to read 15 books to her and sing, and yet nothing on the toilet, then I'd lay her back down and BAM, wet the bed!! So, we gave up, we'll give it another go this summer.

In other news, we got our 'more car, or moo car' as Cara likes to say (her version of new car). We got a great deal on an '07 Chrysler Town & Country, and we love it. It is so spacious, I'm a dork for being so pumped about a minivan. And Eric loves it too, don't let him fool you!! :)

In even better news, I've been waiting to post this until Eric told who he needed to tell at his current job. He's going to be the head band director at Wood Creek Junior High next year in Katy. It's a brand new school opening up next year (won't even be complete until June). He's VERY excited, VERY stressed, and kinda nervous! He's already ordered instruments, he has a budget meeting today, he has ordered some supplies, but still has to order music, uniforms, and audition the oh, 250 kids that are going to start his band next year--all of this by the end of the school year. Have I mentioned he's still working at MHS??? He still hasn't got a breakdown of how many of those will be beginners (the JH is 6th - 8th grade), which means he has to help them pick an instrument. But, we are very blessed that he will be so close now. The new principal goes to our church and heard of Eric through our friend Jen McFaddin (who works with her now), so big thanks to Jen!!! We can't believe how fast God answered our prayer!!

My pregnancy is going well, I'm finally breaking into the 2nd trimester. I feel like I've been pregnant for 6 months, yet I still have just a little less than 6 to go!! I guess that's because we tried so long for this one, I'm very ready to have a baby. Well, 'ready' in my head, not so much with the whole room issue, tiredness, etc. IF we find out the sex, it'll be at my 20 week ultrasound on June 17th, but I kinda don't want to know, so we'll see. Right now, I'm going to enjoy Cara sleeping and get some more reading done. Love to all!

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