Monday, March 01, 2010

My Nephews

UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM:  I am a firm believer in prayer, so I'm getting this out there!  I don't want to take away from Bailey and Matt being able to write their story, so instead, I will just ask for your prayers!!  Jack and Ben are in the NICU in the fight of their lives, and we KNOW that God has a plan for them.  If you would be willing to join our families and friends in prayer for these sweet, tiny boys, feel free to post this button on your blog.  I have it linked to Bailey and Matt's blog at this time.  They plan to post a birth story update in the next few days, so you can read about the boys there.  If you've ever had a baby in the NICU, you know it changes daily, if not hourly!  I wouldn't expect lots of updates as Bailey is recovering and there is so much change; however, that doesn't diminish the fact that all prayers and words of encouragement are welcomed.  Thank you for lifting these boys up, along with our families, to THE healer and speaker of LIFE!

P.S. I've made tons of buttons before, and I CANNOT get this one to be the right size for my side bar.  So, I have the larger one if you'd like that, and the smaller one as well! :)

UPDATE:  I've already seen so many friends with the button on their blog, and via facebook, THANK YOU.  I talked to Bailey tonight and she was so thankful for the prayers being lifted all over Texas, all the way to Michigan :).  So, if you did put the button on your blog, would you be so kind to link up here?  That way Bailey can see how many people are thinking and praying for her and her boys.  Jack is doing SO well.  He's been deemed a 'normal preemie.' :)  Bailey said, what does that even mean? Sounds like an oxymoron.  Ben is having some big issues still, and it will be a long road.  So just PLEASE keep the prayers coming! 

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Jenn said...

Wow! I will definitely add Bailey, Matt, and the boys to my prayer list! Please keep us updated as much as you can so we know how to pray, and thanks for letting us know about their arrival!

Kerry Duty said...

how do you add the button to facebook? i'm not too good at those things :)

Kerry Duty said...

let bailey and matt know that we've got atlanta covered too! my roommate jessica and her church are praying, and so is my other roommate jennifer and the whole YWAM campus base in atlanta

Alexis said...

Thanks for the email update! I am praying for all of them. Hard to imagine what they are going through. God is good!

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