Thursday, February 25, 2010

Introducing my newest baby.....

I bet you thought I was revealing the gender of our precious baby #3, huh? :)  Nope, that's not until March 26th, and I am desperately counting down the days. 

This is a baby of a different kind.  Two friends and myself have been working behind the scenes for months on our newest venture.  And today is our 'go live' day!  We are so excited to share this with all of our friends and family, and hopefully people we've never even met!  So, without furthur ado.....

Introducing Tot2Tot!!

You can read all about it on our Tot 2 Tot blog or our facebook page.  Basically, we are hosting a consignment sale twice a year of high quality children's goods.  Toys, strollers, clothing, shoes, almost anything!  You get to set your price.  You tag your items, and then drop them off to us.  You don't have to sit and sell them all day, and it's a fast turnaround--no waiting 4 months to pick up your items from a consignment shop (which by the way, we are totally not bashing, we love them--this is just something different)!  And if you want to donate whatever doesn't sale, we do that for you!

So, how can our sweet friends and family help us?  By getting the word out!  Become a 'fan' of our facebook page, and your friends will see.  By grabbing our button and posting it on your blog (all that does if someone clicks on it is takes them to our blog).  If you have a bunch of children's stuff lying around you weren't sure what to do with, sign up to sell with us!!  And by ALL means, come have fun and shop all the goodies at our sale on April 17th.  We look forward to making our first sale successful and having the great support from friends like you.  So thanks for reading my post and YAY for T2T! :)

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Julie P. said...

if you are coming through Manor before the 17th, then I could give you some stuff to sell...let me know!

Beaver said...

What a great service! I would call the maternity floors of the hospitals to see if there are contacts for support groups or play groups (I go to a breastfeeding group at our local hospital that has a very active listserv) that you can send an e-mail to just to get the word out--it spreads quickly that way for sure. You probably already thought of that, but I was just thinking about it today. Our local consignment sale is coming up in March--Kids Clothes Connection. Here's the website if you need any ideas or want to see how others set it up:

Congrats on your new endeavor! I honestly was expecting an u/s picture, but this is great, too! :)

Valerie {Next to Heaven} said...

Very cool! Good luck!

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